Matt Coddaire

Managing Director

Matt may be a jack of all trades, but he’s certainly not a master of none… In fact, Matt excels at everything he does — which is a lot. First and foremost, he works closely with our fearless leaders, M&D, to identify opportunities, whether it be improving our current services or filling a need with a new service or offering.

Matt also provides invaluable support to the department heads and their teams through strategy, process, and execution of builder deliverables. Since he graduated from college, Matt has worked closely with builders through both the good and bad economic times in different roles at g2 — from managing media to leading account services. Needless to say, he has all of the necessary experience under his (tool) belt.

Having seen much of its past, Matt is excited about where the industry is headed (fun fact: 70% of Americans believe that smart home technology will be standard in new construction within 10 years!)
A true advocate for home through and through, Matt’s passion doesn’t start and stop at the agency. He’s renovated two homes, and is now moving onto his third (and maybe final!) home.