Laura Stortz

Builder Marketing Manager

From big picture strategy to day-to-day communication, managing builder relationships requires a specific level of knowledge and efficiency — but above all else, it requires personalized care. When you work with someone as intelligent and kind as Laura, you understand what it means to be a #1 priority.

Adept at creating and growing relationships with builders from all over the country, Laura loves getting to know people and understanding them on a deeper level. She believes that being able to really listen is what allows her to always ask the right questions and solve problems. Most importantly, each of her builder relationships is unique, and is particularly special for her to watch evolve over time.

The long-time leader of our Monday morning meetings, Laura encourages everyone to start off their work week with positivity and an open mind. As an extroverted introvert, Laura likes to recharge with yoga or reading, but loves to meet for coffee or a drink afterward!