Kendall Rossi

Project Director |

You know that “organization is the key to success,” but do you know just how valuable it is when it comes to your marketing? Kendall certainly does, and she delivers nothing less than the best finished products to every single builder — on time, every time.

As the city’s #1 multi-tasker, Kendall successfully plans and oversees all projects flowing through the agency, monitors budgets, and ensures that every piece of marketing is sent out on or before its deadline. While she can juggle like no one else (project managers spend 90% of their time communicating and collaborating on a project!) she’s always calm, collected, and ready to grab lunch together.

Most of all, Kendall loves knowing that every project ultimately helps builders connect a buyer with their forever home. And it’s no surprise that these family values extend far past the office… When she’s not doing incredible work, she’s spending time with family and friends. She waits all year for the summer, where she gets to relax (finally!) on the beach in Avalon, NJ.