John Damiri

Media Strategist |

What do you get when you combine 50 years of industry experience, the right data, and top-notch expertise? A cost-effective media plan that’s tailored just to you. Because your company’s media is critical, we pair you with none other than John, a man with a plan that’s guaranteed to drive significant traffic on-site and online.

Because all buyers, homes, and journeys are different, it’s important to have a diverse mix of media in order to create a successful campaign. “Not all buyers find and use information in the same way — even when targeting the same age group.” John’s industry knowledge not only ensures personalized service, but the perfect plan for your prospects as well.

What inspires John the most are photos and stories from happy homeowners who have found their special places to live and grow (thanks in large part to his strategies!) When he’s not working hard in the office, John’s hanging out with his dog, watching the Eagles, and being a mediocre golfer. We guess you can’t be great at everything…