Franchesca Marasco

Web Developer |

A crafty web developer with a lifelong love for all things internet (dating back to the beloved, bygone days of AOL), Franchesca is the mastermind behind our fully responsive builder websites. After college, she followed her passion for web development, and is now able to not only cater to all kinds of needs, but to turn blocks of text into visual art (which is absolutely as cool as it sounds). 

With a multifaceted skill set and creative eye, Franchesca maneuvers the many tools and resources of WordPress to solve problems and create sites that provide a seamless buyer experience. Usually, the highly technical part of the process includes a little bit of screaming into the void… but as we (and our builders) know, she always gets the job done beautifully. 

At G2, she loves the family feel and working with a team of experts that are “just as invested in each other as our builders.” Her favorite part of the role is figuring out the best ways to organize, maintain, and update information — which ensures that each site is highly accessible to any buyer. Outside of work, you will most likely find Franchesca hanging out with her three cats, playing video games, teaching herself new languages, and experimenting with photography. (Yes, she really does do it all.)