Bill Doughty

Digital SEM Specialist |

In today’s digital marketing world, terms like “website ranking” and “paid search” have never been more important. Luckily, a trained and trustworthy specialist like Bill works hard to ensure that your unique website gets the attention that it deserves, no matter how crowded the internet may seem.

Working alongside several team members across different departments, Bill helps to formulate and execute digital marketing strategies that drive real traffic to your website, ultimately increasing sales and building brand awareness. Yeah, we love this idea too!

When he’s not working diligently at his computer, Bill likes to travel, play with his two Jack Russells, and compose commercial jingles for big name brands like Lexus and 5-hour Energy (no joke!) He’s a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan, and apart from his in-office skills, Bill is gifted in many other ways: he once used an entire ChapStick without losing it.