Angelo Lerro

Project Manager

It’s a fact that without Angelo, Group Two would be chaos! His talent for organization, planning, and meticulous attention to detail helps everything go like clockwork around here. As our Project Manager, he defines the expectations and allocates the resources required for a project’s completion. Maneuvering across various departments, he deftly oversees the teams and our tasks, ensuring campaigns are completed in a timely and effective fashion. (All while maintaining an unflappable demeanor. No mean feat since we’re constantly barraging him with questions, requests, more questions, and random thoughts!)

After freelancing for a couple of years, Angelo “decided that it was time to jump into a full-time agency space where my efforts could fully be focused on a dedicated team of workers… I thrive in the chaos of making sure everything runs smoothly.” And we couldn’t be happier to have him on the team. Being a self-described “people person” with an IT and communications background, and a love of planning, he is a project manager extraordinaire! Outside of work hours, you may find Angelo at any concert Philadelphia has to offer, or researching new destinations to scuba-dive. Most likely, though, he’ll be on the couch with his wife and two cats, watching the 76ers or binging all of the shows, munching on his latest obsession: Cheddar Jalapeno Crunchy Cheetos.