Amanda Druschel

Senior Builder Marketing Manager

As a builder, it’s imperative to work with partners that understand the ins and outs of homebuilding — which means that with Amanda on your team, you can rest assured that your marketing is in the very best hands. Having worked directly for 2 different builders over the past 12 years, Amanda brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to her role as an account manager with us.

At Group Two, Amanda utilizes both her professional experience and her personal experience building two homes to help builders strategize and solve their most pressing marketing challenges. Many people may understand marketing, but Amanda also understands the emotions tied to purchasing a to-be-built home — which makes her the perfect person to guide the way you communicate with buyers.

When Amanda is not coming up with innovative ways to market your homes and communities, build trust with buyers, and illuminate your unique brand personality, you can most likely find her spending time with her daughter, Wynee, and enjoying the good old fashioned fun of watching a movie (with M&Ms in her popcorn, of course).