AJ Jardiah

Web Developer

Your website is your brand’s online home, the unique place that welcomes potential buyers to look around, explore your personality, and feel comfortable. When it comes to building trust with buyers, an expertly-built website is absolutely critical — which is why we’re excited to introduce you to AJ, our web developer behind the magic that is your online home.

AJ develops custom websites from scratch using a variety of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. With years of coding experience under his belt, AJ is ready to optimize both the back end (what buyers don’t see) and the front end (what buyers do see) of your website to ensure the best possible experience.

“Every code I write is an opportunity to create something that can potentially be seen or used by countless people,” AJ says. Above all else, he loves to transform an idea or a design into an interactive medium that positively impacts the buyer experience and contributes to your success. When he’s not building your online home, AJ loves being a “girl dad” to his two daughters, along with working out, playing pick-up soccer or basketball, or playing FIFA.