Summer of Social Media

This summer, we’re bringing the FUN into functional with our summer-long social media series, Summer of Social! From blogs to podcasts, social media posts and everything in between, we’ll be sharing some social media tips and tricks that are sure to enhance your brand awareness, engagement, and community outreach!  Read on to check out a few of the tips we have for starting the summer off right!


Optimize Your Instagram: 


Social media optimization (SMO) is called by some the new SEO. SMO increases brand awareness, increases reach, drives more traffic to social media pages as well as the businesses website, generates leads, and so much more. By adding some keywords like STATE homebuilder into your Instagram name or bio, your profile will show up in the TOP when someone searches for those keywords on instagram! 

While you’re editing your profile, this is a great time to check that your bio has exactly WHAT you specialize in and WHERE you do it! Imagine that your audience is coming to see your profile for the first time and that small bio is what they need to know about you – make sure the most important things are there. Along with updating your written bio – be sure to add a Link In Bio using a third party app, like Linktree, to allow your audience to click through to your website and other important links! 


Reputation Management: 


We all hate seeing negative comments come through, but there is a way to block at least SOME of them from showing up! By adding a list of negative keywords into your Facebook settings and content moderation, Facebook will automatically block any comments that come through that contain any of the keywords you include, such as terrible, horrible experience, bad, hate. You can also be sure to turn on the Profanity filter to hide any comments that have profanity written in them! The comment will not look hidden to the person who posted it, but it will not show up for any outside viewers. 


Instagram Stickers: 


Using stickers on your Instagram stories, like the link to send people back to your website, or the THIS or THAT options, or even ask a question, allow your audience to interact directly with your brand on social media! Make it even easier for people to engage than even commenting or liking! 


This is just the beginning of our Summer of Social… Stay tuned for more exciting tips, informative podcasts, and timely social media posts! P.S. Haven’t listened to our Summer of Social podcast? There’s no better time than now!

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