Stone Martin Builders OSC Success Story

How Stone Martin Builders Launched a Successful Online Sales Program with g2 Online Sales Coaching


About Stone Martin Builders

Stone Martin Builders is a Top 100 Builder and one of the fastest-growing home building companies in the southeast. The Opelika, AL-based organization focuses intently on providing a world-class customer experience as they build signature, craftsman-style homes that promote livability, functionality, and wellness. In 2020, Stone Martin Builders sold over 800 homes; in 2021, the goal is over 1,000.


Stone Martin Builders partnered with Group Two in 2019 to collaborate on overall marketing strategy, creative campaigns, and support at the start of their growth phase. At the end of 2020, online marketing efforts were firing on all cylinders and attracting an average of 350 leads per month. However, since the company did not have a dedicated salesperson to manage, nurture, and convert online leads, less than 5% of these leads were converting to appointments. The onsite sales team was attempting the monumental task of online lead management, but they had little success, as their sales efforts were primarily focused on walk-in traffic to the sales center and models.

Recognizing a gap in the sales process and an opportunity to increase the number of onsite appointments, Group Two recommended the company hire two online sales counselors (OSCs) to help them meet their goals. The two new OSCs would need onboarding to both the company and industry, accelerated training, and ongoing support to leverage the increased online activity and start contributing sales right away.

“Stone Martin Builders formed a relationship with Group Two at the beginning of our growth phase two years ago. Since then, Alexis, our account supervisor, and the GroupTwo team have forged the way for a complete rebrand of the company. We lean on the GroupTwo team as an extension of our marketing department from annual campaign planning to immediate needs with current events, such as COVID-19. The team collaborated with us for the creation of a new logo and consumer message in 2019, launch of a revamped website in 2020, and guided us through the start of our online sales counselor positions in 2021. 

I am blown away by their continual effort to voice the message of the company to the consumer and their diligence and desire to understand how we operate while aligning our marketing dollars with our mission. Their systematic approach paired with creativity and experience make for a successful relationship with Stone Martin Builders!” 

Stone Martin Builders Management Team


Stone Martin Builders enlisted Group Two’s Online Sales Coaching to help them hire and train a new online sales team. Group Two developed a follow-up process that was unique to the company and tailored to their specific audience. The process aligned with their existing branding and was consistent in voice and look across all touchpoints to create a more cohesive buying experience.

Stone Martin Builders needed their new OSCs to start taking leads right from the beginning, so Group Two was able to step in, meet them where they were, and develop a plan that would allow them to learn while actively performing in the role. 

The OSCs went through Group Two’s 3-month, intensive Online Sales Coaching program where they learned:

  • The Complete New Home Sales Process, from start to finish 
  • How to properly interact with prospects over the phone and via email 
  • How to craft professional and effective voicemails 
  • How to distinguish between objections and conditions 
  • How to close/set the appointment
  • How to effectively transfer the lead to the onsite sales team


Within nine months of coaching and ongoing support from Group Two, Stone Martin Builders has increased their percentage of OSC-generated appointments by 10%, and has exceeded the industry standard for OSC-generated purchasers. Here are the results:

Online Leads to Completed Appointments: 15% 

(Industry Standard: 20%)

Completed OSC Appointments to Total Appointments: 70%

(Industry Standard: 90%)

Completed OSC Appointments to Total Leads: 27%

(Industry Standard: 30%)

OSC Purchasers to Total Purchasers: 32%

(Industry Standard: 30%)

The online sales team is on track to meet industry standards across the board by the end of the year. 


The best home builder marketing programs will create demand and generate online leads, but without a dedicated, highly-trained person or team to manage, nurture, and convert those leads to appointments, the builder has missed a critical opportunity for increased sales. Group Two’s Online Sales Coaching will train your online sales team, no matter the level of experience, and bring them up to speed with the goal of contributing at least a third of total company sales. Online marketing and sales for home builders go hand-in-hand to generate the sales you need and fuel the growth you want. Learn more.

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