Social Studies: The Advantages of a Strong Social Strategy

Hi, builders! Thanks for joining “Social Studies” with Group Two we’re happy to have you in our #social corner as we talk about social media for homebuilders! We’re going to break down a few specific tactics to enhance success, and discuss how our savvy social experts will help you get there. 

Your Overall Goal

Let’s start with the basics. The goal of posting on your social media platforms, whether that be an Instagram story highlighting an incentive or a “#FeaturedHome” post on Facebook, is to get in front of your desired audience, build trust, and establish yourself as a reliable, desirable option to build someone’s home. The most important thing to keep in mind when pursuing this goal: serve the interests of your audience.

All of your posts, whether they’re paid or organic, should intend to keep you relevant — which means you must always be ahead of the game on current and upcoming trends, and most importantly, what your audience wants to see. Showing off your remarkable homes and communities will only convert to more sales if you put your potential buyers’ wants and needs at the core of every single thing you post. 

Organic Social Media

Organic social media encompasses everything you post that you don’t put money behind. This also means that these types of posts will only show up in the newsfeeds of users that follow your pages. Whereas paid social posts or ads often serve the purpose of driving a sale to a targeted audience, organic posts are utilized to build lasting trust through your unique brand voice and identity.

Just like the posts you see on your social media feeds, certain posts resonate particularly well with your followers. Our social experts found that in the past few months, our builders who put energy and time into knowing the demographics of their audience and delivering quality, engaging content from FaceTime video tours to fun and helpful information about the virtual buying process saw significant increases in website traffic from organic social media. The takeaway: catering to what your audience wants and needs at this specific moment leads to success.

Of course, what was relevant recently is not “in” anymore. As you know, things can change fast. Therefore, it helps to think of the “social climate” as a 10-day weather forecast. You have a strong sense of what today and tomorrow will look like, but the next few days may be up in the air. That’s why we’re here to help you anticipate what’s on the horizon to ensure you’re always prepared for what’s next. 

Paid Social Media

Paid social media is unique in that it must continue to help maintain your unique brand voice and identity while driving a sale. Because these ads or posts have money behind them, they reach a targeted audience outside of those that follow your pages.

It goes without saying that you have a unique responsibility here your paid social message must stay true to your brand while advertising something “urgent” that will enhance the lives of your targeted audience. Be respectful with this urgency, but prove that what you have to offer is worth their time and attention.

When you set up paid Facebook ads, you can select a specific “goal” for them, whether that be to drive traffic to your website, create engagement, or boost conversions. In turn, Facebook’s AI works to achieve this goal by identifying the audience most likely to act on it. For example, if you opt for more conversions, Facebook’s AI will put your ad in front of users who are more likely to convert (as opposed to users who have only visited websites) based on you telling the algorithm what a conversion means to you. This is absolutely vital when setting up your ads to ensure it’s getting in front of the right audience for the right outcome. The question to ask yourself is this: are you setting up your paid ads with the right goal in mind? 

Next Steps

The world of social media is mighty… and it changes shape all the time. That’s why our experts at Group Two specialize in exactly what you need to take your strategy to the next level. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, we’re here to steer you in the right direction with exceptional paid and organic social media content. Feel free to reach out to us! There’s nothing we love more than being #social with you. 

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