Social Speak 101: Memes, Themes, and Trending Topics

In our ever-changing social media landscape, one thing’s for sure — every homebuyer demographic interacts with social media, it’s the way they interact that makes all of the difference. Whether it’s a baby boomer using Facebook to check out a low-maintenance community or a Gen X’er reading reviews about a builder, we’re all on these unique platforms to connect.

Millennials in particular define social media, being the first generation to grow up with the platforms. They not only speak its language effortlessly, but they also use social media to identify themselves and show off their personality. Since millennials now account for 66% of all first-time homebuyers and 99% of this group rely on the internet to find a new home,  it’s safe to say that social media is where a huge chunk of your market is going to look for homes, and you better believe you need to have a personality that speaks their language to personally connect with them!

Does this mean that you should also know what all of those memes, GIFs, and other trending topics mean? No, you don’t! You just need a little insight and effort to learn to speak the “language of social media,” and ultimately connect with one of your biggest markets at the right moment.

Grab a piece of avocado toast and get ready to swipe right… group two is here to be your guide through “Social Speak 101” — welcome to your first course!


What Are Memes, Anyway?

Pronounced like “meem,” this cultural phenomenon has truly taken the internet (and our office chatter) by storm. According to Lifewire, a meme is a “virally-transmitted photograph that is embellished with text that pokes fun at a cultural symbol or social idea.

Memes Group Two

Whether the meme in question is clever and multi-layered or simply obvious, it’s ultimate use is to provide humor, and of course, connect with like-minded people. Since memes now have a secure spot in the digital lives of millennials, utilizing them on social media could significantly impact your engagement, and prove that you’re not only on top of current trends, but are willing to understand millennials and how they live.

Believe it or not, there’s a meme out there that will resonate with your audience as they’re searching for a home. All it takes is a little digging and a sense of humor.


“Don’t sweat it — this June we’re offering $3,000 toward moving costs.”

Memes Group Two Example


GIFs and Pop Culture References

There’s ongoing contention amongst millennials about whether the “g” in “GIF” is hard or soft, but either way, GIFs play a major role on social media. A GIF is an image file that’s animated by combining other images — or simply put, a very short video clip.

With pop culture more relevant on the internet than ever, many GIFs are typically comprised of a scene from a TV show, movie, or other cultural reference. Like memes, GIFs are intended to connect and provide humor (particularly because they convey a specific emotion clearer than words can) and are oftentimes used as a “reaction” to something posted on Facebook and Twitter, almost in the same way as an emoji.

Most importantly, Facebook and Instagram both rank videos higher in their algorithm, and since GIFs are technically “video content,” they can significantly increase your engagement when used the right way. Want your posts to show up higher on newsfeeds? A GIF is the way to go!

“When you live in a luxurious, laidback community and can finally take time for yourself…”



With GIF databases like Giphy, these little videos are extremely easy to source out and use on social media. Best of all, they add a clear emotion (and aesthetic appeal) to any post — considering this is something that millennials care a lot about, GIFs can be one of the best ways to connect. Game of Thrones, one of TV’s all-time biggest hits, just ended… How about a GIF to commiserate (and connect) with your audience?

“You don’t have to go full ‘Khaleesi’ to move into your dream home. Our process is way easier.”



If there’s one word to describe the relationship between millennials and social media, it’s personal. Having grown up on social media, this generation understands its language better than anyone else. As a trustworthy builder, it makes sense for you to recognize that social media gives millennials a voice — and allows them to connect with each other and their world.

This is your chance to connect. Will you take it or will they say “thank you, next?” Stay tuned as we continue our “Social Speak 101” course with more trends, hashtags, references, and all the things that are goals, TBH.

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