Social Media Seminar Helps Homebuilding Companies ‘Stay Relevant’

Those following the homebuilding industry are calling it “The House that Facebook Built.”

A homebuilder in Georgia apparently is putting out on Facebook every week a poll question to viewers who want to help build its house. There are questions like what color should the garage door be and other questions on colors and décor. The poll question is updated every week related to the construction phase. The answers have been weighed seriously by the builder.

“There’s a whole new process of building that’s engaging customers,” said Chelsey Keenan, who teamed with Andy Bergren from their Group Two office in the Center City area of Philadelphia, an ad agency for home builders, in a two-hour info session on social media on Thursday at the Pocono Home Builders Association’s offices in Stroudsburg. They talked about that poll question building plan during the last of the association’s ongoing series of seminars that will resume in the fall.

With businesses trending more toward self reliance on marketing, some Pocono Builders Association members took the opportunity to learn more about an area where businesses in recent years still are getting acquainted.

They learned how to optimize social media, grow the network and turn that into sales to a potential customer base well into the tens of thousands by tapping into an array of social media platforms, particularly through industry leader Facebook. And they have eight seconds to captivate the typical viewer before he or she may lose interest

Businesses can trumpet what makes them different and can boost their post into a paid ad on Facebook, explained Bergren. They also can hashtag related businesses on their Twitter and Instagram posts.

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