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Chelsey Keenan and Katie Kolakowski review where you can find and connect with Group Two (https://www.grouptwo.com/events/ibs-2022) team members at the International Builders’ Show this year in Orlando.  How you can participate in Builder Books’ The House That She Built $500 Cash Challenge every day, the awesome photo ops you’ll have with some life-size The House That She Built character cut-outs, and more. We can’t wait to see everyone in person!

Hi everyone yay! It’s me and Katie back to talk about one of our favorite topics favorite times of the year hasn’t been here in a couple years, but it’s coming up quick. You guessed it folks the builder show! Woo! Ah!
Pause for applause. The builder show officially starts I think we’re less than a month out now until the builder show and it’s in Orlando this year I’ve never been to a builder show in Orlando.

Me neither.

And I’m extremely extremely excited I know Katie’s excited too. T ell us a little bit about why you’re excited to go back to the builder show Katie.

Yeah, I’m excited. As you guys all are well aware, it has been a crazy past few years for our industry and every industry for that matter. So I’m excited to just really get to see people face to face and going to the builder show always gives me like this newfound appreciation for what we do and all the new products and and vendors. So I’m I’m super excited to just be back and get to network and chat with people.

Yeah I think what you said about seeing the industry and feeling like you’re a part of something a little bit bigger I always always feel that at the builder show and it’s a nice refresher every year to kind of look around at all of these thousands and thousands of people that are there and think of how large of an industry we’re working with and how much of an impact we have on such a big industry and having the opportunity to see builders that we work with on a day-to-day basis face-to-face but also meet new people is something that we have missed out on for a good while and I’m just so excited to have that refresher back we had we just got out of a meeting with our entire team that’s going and. Were all so smiley and we were bouncing around so many ideas and it’s just it’s going to be a great great year and I really cannot wait.
So just to give you guys a little sneak peek. Where you’ll see Group 2 at the builder show will be everywhere obviously but a couple of presentations that you can go to that we’re putting on during the pre-show so on Monday from 1-4p.m. if you’re able to make it for the pre-show and you have the passes for that. Mollie will be doing a master session called Marketing Strategies for the Future. Again that’s on Monday from 1-4. Her and Georgia have worked on some incredible incredible creative. We have not seen it but we have heard about it and I cannot wait to see it. It’s a big kept secret for all of you going to the builder show. So definitely don’t be sure to miss that.
I will be doing a presentation Wednesday morning. Bright fresh and early at 9:15-9:45 in Tech Bytes. It will be Making a Long Story Short: Facebook and Instagram Stories. Definitely talking about social media I’m so so excited to get back on that stage hopefully tech bytes will not have 2 people speaking at the same time like last time but regardless of what type of stage I’m on I’m excited to get up there and get to speak in front of a crowd again. So bright and early be there. And then on Thursday from 12:15 to 12:45 also in Tech Bytes, our newest social media coordinator Nikki Kirkland will be doing a presentation called 60 Seconds or Less: How to Use Short Form Video on Social Media. that will also be so much fun and so exciting. She is a fresh new voice in the social media realm of home builders. So definitely be sure to come to that before you head out on Thursday but those are Group 2′ s presentations.
Obviously will be elsewhere but just wanted to tell you about those those in particular there are a lot of others. They will all be posted on our event page which you can link to or will be Marketing and Mimosas, there are [The] House That She Built presentations but those three I really wanted to highlight for everyone to kind of put on your to do list to come check us out even if you hop in to show your face Definitely come and check it out.

Yeah, I’m excited for the in-person educational sessions and all that good stuff because we’ve been doing a lot of webinars and virtual things. But I just feel like you retain what you’re learning. So much better when that person is right there in front of you. So even if you’re like I already know about that, or you know I’m going to the builder show for other reasons, I’ve taken a lot of of Webinars the past years I know what the future holds I feel good about the market. I think you will gain so so much from just really being in person. There’s there’s a lot of new things that happen I mean as we know things change every single day. So so yeah, just the fact that being in person I don’t know I just feel like you grasp so much more and can really like pull from it and and take it in and run with it more so than just listening to a webinar you know in your in your earphones while you’re doing you know 25 other things.

Yeah, I was so distracted on all of the webinars that I would try to watch whether a chat was coming in or an email came in I feel like when I’m at a presentation at the builder show I’m so much more connected to that person speaking and the topic that they’re presenting on. It’s rude to take out your phone and look at it and so you have no other choice really but to sit and engage and actively listen.New. New things at the builder show for Group 2.
Obviously we’ve done so many presentations in the past you’ve seen us, you’ve heard us, you’ve laughed. Maybe you’ve cried with some stories I don’t know it’s been a whole dramatic and fun event with us at the builder show but this year for the first time ever we will be promoting The House That She Built.
Again you’ve heard it. You’ve read it. You’ve laughed. You’ve cried over it and now you really got to experience it in person, full fledged, life size. Yes life size. There will be life size cutouts all over the builder show of the characters from The House That She Built like well life size I’m five feet tall maybe they’re six feet tall I’m not sure how life size they’re going to be but they will be life size and so you can take. Photos with them um interact with them I I don’t know what to expect. But I know I can expect that it’ll be awesome. So definitely be on lookout for those life size figurines.

And yeah I was gonna say on top of that I do think that there is some sort of game or something with the if you take pictures with the life-size characters that you you spot throughout the event so we’ll definitely stay tuned to our Facebook page cause I’m sure we’ll have you know lots of information on that and then on top of it that like Chelsea said new things.
every day during the builder show at 3 pm at Builder Books, there’s a chance to win $500 which is awesome. Anytime you can win something is great I think there’s games and things like that and that is at 3 p m Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at builder books. Group 2 will all be there. I’m super excited so we’ll be cheering you on if you do choose to participate. Best of luck winning that that.

Yeah, you can get some extra Disney cash I don’t know. Go to Disney on your off hours. Go to Disney Springs check out jelly rolls and it’s a Disney bar if nobody knew about it sorry I’m the worst at Disney.
Okay so, all of those things will be for The House That She Built. Mollie and Georgia are also doing book signings every day from 3-5 for The House That She Built. You can come find any of the Group 2 team members. We’ll have a book on us if you just wanted to flag us down. Check it out. Check out the book but there will be so many different opportunities to learn more about The House That She Built, actually read the book actually buy the book and also learn more about how the book is having such a positive influence on the trades, and workforce and promoting women in the trades.
Obviously you’ve heard a little bit about it on Webinars but like we’ve been saying experiencing this in person and hearing about it from Mollie and Georgia and the actual women who built the house. I know Christie will be there talking about The House That She Built on Tuesday at 12:15-1:30. She’ll have a presentation all about The House That She Built and so there’s again so many opportunities.
We’ll have all of them linked on our events page as well. So there will not be a lack of opportunity to talk about The House That She Built. Learn about it. Read it take it home with you. So.
No worries there if you have any more any questions about where you can learn more about it during the show definitely feel free to reach out to us and we will give you any more information that you need.

Yeah, and I think we’re all super excited. Mollie and Georgia especially to really see people who have shared the book. The the men and women who have been talking about this again it’s all been virtual. But, the chance for for Georgia and Mollie and are all of us who who have done so much and have been so excited about it to really see all these people who have been impacted and have been talking about it to see them face to face and kind of like share that collectively is going to be so great. So you’ll want to be there.

I also did want to highlight a couple of our industry partners and friends who will have presentations. On Tuesday, Beth and Corey from Beacon Holmes, Matt from New Home Inc Matt Riley, and Brooke from Homes by Dickerson are all doing a great presentation together Evolution of Online and Onsite. That’s on Tuesday 11:15-12:15. Myers, Myers Barnes, Matt Riley and Chad Sanschagrin on Wednesday, 11:15-12:15. That’s going to be a very hyperactive and energetic presentation. So definitely be sure to go to that New Rules for New Home Sales.
Angela and Meredith, love them, they’re doing Moving Beyond the Clicks on Thursday from 9:15-10:15. They’ll have a great presentation as well. Cannot wait to see those ladies rock it on the stage.
I have a huge list of presentations that I’m interested in seeing. There’s so so many different presentations. I think people really upped their game when thinking about what they wanted to talk about in the first builder show coming back and there’s so many that I want to see so many that overlap so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to see all of them. But I know there’s definitely a ton on my schedule.
What are yours? What? what presentations. Are you interested in seeing put them in the comments right? right? below this post put them in the comments. Let us know who you’re excited to see what presentations you’re excited to see what events we could see you at what’s your builder show schedule? What’s your dream builder show schedule?
We’re going to Orlando. Here we go. Build it. Dream it. Live it.

One of the other things I know you know we talk a lot about the educational sessions and the networking which is a huge part of why we go is is to learn. However I do like to take a little peek, a little walk around the main floor every once in a while to see all the new crazy tech and products and things like that and again we help our builders with with marketing with sales with creative all that good stuff but it is fun sometimes to be able to talk about some of these new things with them and. If there’s a particular builder client that I have that I and I see something and I’m like this would totally align with what you guys are doing I do love to see that. So I’m really excited I’m sure there’s like crazy stuff that I can’t even think of you know when it comes to the home build industry that we’re going to see there and.

I can’t wait,
I remember for the first time a couple of years ago seeing the mirrors that are the tech mirrors and playing with the tech mirrors and seeing the tv show up in the mirrors and now they’re in every home and it’s common. But when I saw it on the floor I was. So amazed and you’re right Katie I cannot wait to see what technology. What new technology is coming out for homes and what will be common in homes in a couple of years but new to us on the floor this year.
All right everyone, kept it short and sweet for you because I know you’re going to hop on the builder show website and put together your schedule. So definitely be sure to tell us your favorite builder show memory and what you’re excited for for the builder show in 2022.
Ah, we hope to see you there. If you’d like to set up a time to talk to us chat with any one that’s coming from Group 2. It’s going to be me, Katie, Mollie, Alexis, Amanda, Nikki, Georgia.
Did I get everyone? Woo! That’s a lot of people going!
So we’re all going to be there and if you’d like to set a side a specific time to chat with us definitely email us and we’ll be so excited to meet up with you.

Yeah, grab a drink grab a coffee. We can’t wait that too.

Garb a Mickey Mouse Pretzel.

That, too.

All right everyone can’t wait to see you there.


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