Reasons Why Builders Should Advertise During the Holidays

As the holiday hustle and bustle ramps up, many builders tend to back off until after the New Year. But instead of sitting the season out, you could be connecting with prospective buyers by celebrating the feelings of companionship, appreciation and other sentiments that the holidays bring! Here’s why:

End of Year Urgency

The end of the year is upon us, so it’s easy to create a sense of urgency (ex. own a new home by the end of year! Start the new year in a new home!). Those inventory homes aren’t going to sell themselves, so now is the time to play on those New Year resolutions and end of year goals to push your move-in ready homes – even if you have to throw in a little incentive or two.


The Joy of Gift Giving

Share the holiday spirit by connecting with your local community. Support local charities or organizations in need, and encourage prospective buyers and social media followers to participate. You’ll connect with new audiences by associating with causes that people care about, and they’ll continue to link your company with values they admire.


The Joy of Receiving Gifts

Holiday themed incentives, specials or promotions for buying a home or visiting your community/model home is one way to give busy buyers the push they need to take action. From a small giveaway at one of your locations to a free upgraded feature in a floorplan, the feeling of getting something a little extra is a great way to offer the gifts people seek this time of year! 


Heightened Emotions

It’s a perfect time to tap into the emotional side of your buyers and push all those seasonal buttons. Blazing fireplaces, dining rooms full of loved ones, cozy living spaces with kids and dogs… Everything the season is best known for is


even better in one of your homes.


The More the Merrier

Enhance your marketing’s effectiveness and show off your company’s personality by getting your team involved. Give your employees the opportunity to participate in holiday activities or be part of your campaigns, and encourage them to share these happenings with friends and other connections who appreciate their involvement.


The Perfect Theme

The holidays present you with a perfect theme for all kinds of special events, community socials and open houses. You can reach a larger audience through this common interest by giving people a unique way to enjoy the holidays. Generate traffic in your communities by hosting food drives, holiday decorating events, visits from Santa… whatever suits your neighborhoods! 




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