Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

If you have visited our Facebook recently, you may or may not have come across Pumpkin ContestGroup Two’s Halloween pumpkin decorating contest. The agency decided to use our creative and competitive skills to our advantage by decorating mini-pumpkins based upon our quirky personalities or inspirations.

Pumpkin 1 – While Joanne does not sport braces (anymore) she was inspired by brace faces everywhere to dazzle the world with her smiling pumpkin.

Pumpkin 2 – Zachary, Mollie and Daniel’s son, was sure to speed past the competition with his car themed pumpkin.

Pumpkin 3 – Inspired by Chik Fil A, Ali stood up for pumpkins everywhere, urging the world to eat more apple pie!

Pumpkin 4 – Christy made sure her pumpkin was no plumpkin this holiday season by creating a work out themed pumpkin, make-up and all.

Pumpkin 5 – One of our Art Directors, Steph, astonished us all with her unknown marvelous mosaic skills.

Pumpkin 6 – Inspired by his love for horror films, or his current migraine, our beloved Bob created this masterful pumpking.

Pumpkin 7 – While this picture does not do the actual blowing smoke justice, Laura created this pumpkin so cozy and comfortable.

Pumpkin 8 – The mommy and mastermind of our agency, Mollie, of course created this bubbling baby pumpkin in honor of her equally creative son, Zachary.

Pumpkin 9 – Meg left the fate of her spot in the contest up to her niece who created this spooky and spectacular spider-themed pumpkin!


YOU VOTED. While all did a spooktacular job on their individual pumpkins, there could only be one winner and with 56 votes, that was Ali’s pumpkin #3! Congrats Ali!

Ali takes home the glory!


And a special shout-out to Joanne who came in at #2 – ‘Brace Face’ had 36 votes. Way to go, Squirrel!

We had an enormous amount of fun with this contest. With over 35 likes and 117 comments, this was easily one of our most popular posts, so we have  hunch a few of you enjoyed it too. Showing some team personality, and reaching out to friends and followers to vote in a contest is an easy way to engage, as well as gain, new followers that may not have had the opportunity to see your previous content. We challenge our builders to do the same.

And on that note, Group Two will be hosting a similar contest among our builders  – so be on the look out for more personalized pumpkins!


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