Google Performance Max Campaign

Unlock new potential and connect with your buyers wherever they browse. Introducing Performance Max, an innovative Google ads campaign that amplifies your reach, spanning across diverse Google channels like YouTube, Search, and Discover.

This campaign empowers us to tap into captivating formats and untapped audiences. Seamlessly expanding your presence across Google’s comprehensive ecosystem – from search and display to YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, and Discovery – Performance Max delivers a potent fusion of search, display, and video ads.

The secret to its success lies in the power of compelling creative assets that tell your brand story.

• 3 sizes:
   – Landscape Size – 16:9
   – Square Size – 1:1
   – Portrait Size – 9:16

• 15-20 second .MP4

• Includes Music

• Custom Campaign Copy: all headlines/descriptions to align with the campaign messaging

• Headlines
   – 15 headlines (30 characters)
   – 5 long headlines (90 characters)
   – No exclamation marks, any other symbols (ex: @), and emojis
   – Periods and commas can be used in long headlines only

• Descriptions
   – 1 description (60 characters)
   – 4 descriptions (90 characters)
   – Can have punctuation such as commas, periods, exclamation marks, and apostrophes

• Resized for Googles requirements
   – Landscape image (1.91:1) Recommended size: 1200 x 628
   – Square image (1:1) Recommended size: 1200 x 1200
   – Portrait image (4:5) Recommended size: 960 x 1200
   – The maximum file size is 5120 KB
   – Images need to be quality, high-impact product shots – a mix of exterior and interior images

• PNG overlays added to images to complement the campaign concept

* If the builder does not have 20 high-impact images to use, the same image can be resized to the 3 different sizes and would count as 3 images.

Price: $1,500

Static Ads

These ads use combinations of  images and text we created for the campaign.

Video Ads

A full set of Performance Max videos consists of  3 sizes: landscape, portrait, and square.