Builder Safety Package

We want to make sure our builders are going above and beyond to keep their team and prospects informed on safety protocol in a way that looks professional and on brand — not like it’s coming mandated by the CDC. By making this message clear that it’s coming from you personally, it ensures your team and buyers will read it, take it seriously, and feel comfortable. We’ve put this package together to make it easy for you to streamline communication.

We recommend sending an internal email to your team with new safety updates, sent directly from leadership, and the following package:

A 22×36 entrance sign that ensures guests and team members are entering your premises safely.

A window cling with a social distancing message/reminder about safety protocol.

An 11×17 10 Steps to a Safer Workplace poster to keep all of your team members on the same page. Can use as a sign, sharable jpeg, or poster for offices. 

PNG graphic to place on top of images on social to reassure your audience you are safe to visit.

Price: $500
Entrance Sign
Window Cling
10 Steps Safety Poster
Open for Business Icon