Not all Leads are Created Equal


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While the contact form appears the same across different media, whether it be on your website, Zillow, Trulia, Traffic Card, or Lead Generation Ads on Facebook, not all leads should be treated the same!

The one thing that does stay consistent across these platforms and the leads that you gather from them is the need to evoke trust. When creating a lifestyle Facebook ad, or walking someone through your website, you’re conveying a message about who you are and why they should build with you.

The words, fonts, colors, images and overall user experience ALL need to evoke trust by connecting with the viewer (a.k.a future homeowner) at every touchpoint.  People don’t willingly give their contact information out until you have earned that trust.

Leads that come through from different platforms should not all be treated the same. Here we’re going to talk about how to interact with leads that come through specifically from social media.

Remember, just like any other contact, this is a real person, but unlike other places in which they hear about your company, they are initially on social media to interact with their friends and family! Their engagement with your ad and your page on social media is a secondary thought while scrolling through their newsfeed.

Here are a couple of simple tips that can either be considered cool or creepy in terms of creating more trust between you and your social media leads:


COOL: Respond quickly to a direct message on social media that is asking for more information about a floorplan, move-in ready home, etc.

CREEPY: Call a lead that simply signs up for emails through Lead Generation

COOL: Plan an appointment with a lead whom you have been messaging back and forth with on social media.

CREEPY: Immediately try to convert an engaged user who adds a heart emoji in the comments of a product photo post.  

COOL: Send emails to a lead from social media, slowly growing that trust will help you close when you do meet  face-to-face.


It’s important to follow these cool’s and creepy’s to not scare away your social media leads! After following the do’s, your audience will shop around your website, see what style they like, receive some emails about incentives and then come to YOU at the time that they’re ready to talk.

Social media leads have proven to be some of the most cost effective Cost Per Lead in marketing, normally coming in at less than $50/lead, and even as low as $3. That being said, social media is a necessary tool in evoking that trust with potential buyers, realtors, and spreading your message across multiple platforms, but it is only a piece of the bigger marketing picture!


If you have any questions regarding social media leads and creating trust between you and your buyer, be sure to reach out to your team at Group Two!

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