Get Into The Buyer Mindset | Georgia Castellano | Group Two

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no place like (a new) home. Now more than ever, buyers are taking a good look at their current living situation and searching for a home, whether used or new, that better suits their wants and needs. In fact, a few of our very own Group Two team members have recently moved!

We asked them a few questions about their motivation to move, their unique process, and anything else they want to share about the experience of buying and moving into a home right now. First up is Georgia, our Creative Director. Take a look!

What was your reason for moving?
We needed more space! My husband, son, and I were starting to have a hard time with 800 square feet (with no storage). We were also renting and were ready to finally have a place we could make our own. With our son being a year away from kindergarten, we knew we wanted to make the move before that.

What was the easiest/hardest thing about buying during COVID?
We were really lucky to have a great realtor who cared about our safety. We all kept our distance and wore masks, and even though I have been ferociously strict about my family and I staying safe during the pandemic, I never felt like we were being unsafe when we went through a home. Even the families who lived in the homes provided hand sanitizer and some even had a bowl of gloves by the front door!

What wasn’t working for you in your current home?
Since we were renting, we didn’t have a say in how various home maintenance issues were being handled. There were a lot of band-aids put on plumbing and roof problems that were causing issues to be continuous. Pipes bursting, ceilings caving in, mold — you know, things you generally don’t want were happening constantly. 🙂

What were the top three must-haves in your new home?
Let’s just say the bar was low… (see previous answer). But we knew we wanted a second bathroom, a walkable neighborhood, and more space, of course.

What are your favorite things about your new home?
There are so many things to love, because I really am in love. I think it would have to be the blue tile gas fireplace, our little backyard, having my own office, the double oven, the stained glass window in the bathroom and the front door, and having a front porch to watch the trains go by with my son.

What came up during the process that you didn’t expect?
The appraisal process! We were first-time buyers, so the biggest surprise was the appraisal. It’s a stressful process, so it’s a great selling point for a new home, because you don’t have to go through it.

What tool or feature do you wish you had during your home search?
Probably a design center! It’s fun to do things now to make this house feel like my own, but it would have been so amazing to get to go through that process BEFORE we moved in, and not have to do any of the actual work!

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