Get Into The Buyer Mindset | Dan Chiev | Group Two

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no place like (a new) home. Now more than ever, buyers are taking a good look at their current living situation and searching for a home, whether used or new, that better suits their wants and needs. In fact, a few of our very own Group Two team members have recently moved!

We asked them a few questions about their motivation to move, their unique process, and anything else they want to share about the experience of buying and moving into a home right now. Today we are featuring Dan, a social media specialist. Take a look!

What was your reason for moving?
My girlfriend and I were looking for more space, specifically room for parking and a basement.

What was the easiest/hardest thing about buying during COVID?
Since it was our first experience, I can’t compare it to anything pre-Covid. But in all honesty, our agent made it very easy. We toured the home when we wanted to and negotiations with the seller were easy. 

What wasn’t working for you in your current home?
We definitely needed more space! 

What were the top three must-haves in your new home?
Ample parking, a finished basement, and modern kitchen. 

What are your favorite things about your new home?
Definitely the finished basement (and it’s right across the street from a park).

What came up during the process that you didn’t expect?
Nothing! It was pretty smooth. Some cosmetic work needs to be done but nothing major.

What tools did you use to find your home?
Zillow and

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