Get Into The Buyer Mindset | Adrian Aguirre | Group Two

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no place like (a new) home. Now more than ever, buyers are taking a good look at their current living situation and searching for a home, whether used or new, that better suits their wants and needs. In fact, a few of our very own Group Two team members have recently moved!

We asked them a few questions about their motivation to move, their unique process, and anything else they want to share about the experience of buying and moving into a home right now. Take a look at Adrian, our SEO specialist!

What was your reason for moving?

My wife was accepted into a graduate program at Dartmouth College. Never would I have imagined moving to Vermont, but here we are!

What was the easiest/hardest thing about buying during COVID?

Even before we considered buying a house during COVID, we were interested in going the virtual route. That idea was only solidified by the fact that we were moving to Vermont, and that we are currently in the middle of a viral pandemic. My wife and I are just not the type to want to drive around to a bunch of house showings, obsess over the details, etc. We really just want to find a home we liked, and to keep the process quick and convenient.

What were the top three must-haves in your new home?

With moving to a different state meaning I would be working fully remote, I wanted to find a home that had a dedicated office space. Another important feature was having enough space for our home gym equipment, which we found in our new house having a partially finished basement. Finally, we both cook a lot, so having space in the kitchen to spread out and food prep helps manage the stress of trying to maintain a healthy diet.

What are your favorite things about your new home?

The home we bought ended up satisfying all of our must haves. I love the fact that we have room to spread out, after feeling a bit cramped up in Philadelphia apartments and row homes. It’s great having a yard for our dog to run around in, and that while we’re in Vermont, we’re still in a walkable neighborhood with restaurants and shops near-by. It’s also a great balance of being a starter home, without needing tons of work done to it to fix things up.

What came up during the process that you didn’t expect?

Our buying experience was a pretty painful one, with COVID not making anything easier. Our loan required an unexpected second appraisal, due to it being quickly remodeled and resold. Between the seller’s impatience and the long wait times on appraisals due to COVID, we almost lost the deal. Luckily, we were able to bring them back to the table with additional money down. The fun didn’t stop there, even once we closed! Apparently my bank had a “computer glitch” that caused recent cashier’s checks to show a stop payment. I had to drive 1.5 hours to the closest branch to get a new one issued for the closing attorney.

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