New Home Advertising Ideas for 2021

The events of the past year have certainly inspired current and potential homeowners to reevaluate their living situations and priorities. And although the start of 2021 doesn’t necessarily “look” different than 2020 did, a new year always presents the possibility of a “fresh start” — which is why right now is the perfect time to show your potential buyers that an exciting new beginning in one of your homes is just what they need.

As you know, the art of advertising new homes constantly evolves; at the beginning of the pandemic, you adapted to external circumstances and changed your strategy by focusing on the urgent need for “more,” as well as your company’s virtual capabilities. Now, you can continue to tap into your buyers’ current mindset and emotions by promising a fresh start in 2021.


New Home Advertising Ideas

For many of our builders, we’ve created refreshing, new-year-themed campaigns that spark excitement for the future. For example, one of our builders has new communities set to open in 2021 (plus incentives!), so we created a bright, vibrant campaign that reflects the excitement of moving into a new home and community in the new year. “Cheers to a New Beginning” is all about taking control of your future following a particularly uncertain year — and having everything you want and need right at home.

When strategizing campaigns that revolve around the new year, the single most important aspect is positivity. Yes, 2020 was hard (and new year’s resolutions don’t always come to pass!) — but with one of your new homes, your buyers can make that fresh start they’ve been dreaming about for the past year. From graphic design to copy, you have unique opportunities to showcase this positivity in a genuine way throughout your campaigns.

Below are a few positive choices available to buyers that you can focus on in your advertising:


It’s safe to say that where you live impacts how you live. For example, many potential buyers who currently live in or near large cities are ready to say goodbye to crowds, congestion, and traffic, and hello to more peace of mind. Show your buyers that they don’t just choose a beautiful new home — they can also choose a specific location that suits their wants and needs, whether they want to live in a suburban neighborhood with easy access to the excitement of a city or in a rural location with plenty of outdoor recreation. Plus, many buyers are looking forward to amenities they can enjoy just outside their home in a safe, secure neighborhood, which is a great opportunity to highlight the opportunities offered in your communities.


Sticking to a budget is crucial for any buyer, whether they’re purchasing their first home or their third. Make it clear that you have many options that cater to different price points, so any buyer can feel confident and in control. It’s also a good idea to highlight how your team is willing to work closely with buyers to determine what works best for them, so they’re never left to do the work on their own. This is particularly important for first-time buyers who are unsure of what they’re able to afford, and what the process entails.

Floorplan/Home Style:

Home is the most personal place in the world — which means any buyer should be able to choose what they want their home to look and feel like. Showcase the variety of options you have available for every demographic. For families that are growing, highlight your larger, two-story homes that come with plenty of flexibility and storage space. For active-adult buyers, showcase the benefits of single-level living that makes life easier and more comfortable. If you have condos that target first-time buyers, highlight the many ways that they can enjoy fresh, open space without the responsibilities of a larger, single-family home.

With the new year in full swing, you have the opportunity to tap into the desire for a fresh start by highlighting the exciting possibilities of a new home in a new location. Your advertising, from your emails and social media to your banner ads and landing pages, should reinforce the idea that a new beginning is entirely attainable, and all of those “new year’s goals” can be achieved in one of your new homes.

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