What is your Myers Briggs Personality Type?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator brings insight into personality differences, including different decision-making styles that can be helpful for home builders to recognize when marketing their homes and communities. By understanding how people perceive and process information you are able to connect more effectively. Especially with your marketing!

We apply Myers Briggs to everything in our office from working better as a team, learning about new job candidates, as well as our decisions in marketing! Learn a little bit more about the traits of each personality type below!


INFP (The Healer) – Caring, compassionate and sensitive, INFPs enjoy spending their time exploring their values as well as the personal growth of others. They always see potential for a better future.

INFJ (The Counselor) – INFJs are creative and dedicated to helping others, as well as themselves, figure out solutions to challenges. They have great intuition into others’ emotions, but are private about sharing their own feelings.

ENFJ (The Teacher) – ENFJs not only point out the potential in others, but they are naturally charismatic, energized and organized enough to easily persuade others to follow that potential. Ambitious and selfless, they feel personally responsible for making the world a better place.

ENFP (The Champion) – People-centered and expressive, these energetic and humorous types love to tell engaging stories. Their creativity and warmth gives them a passion for exploration for new ideas, people and adventures.


INTJ (The Mastermind) – Analytical in nature, these problem-solvers are always looking for ways to improve processes at work, home or within themselves. Having an inward and independent focus allows them to concentrate more on logical systems and less on emotions and personal relationships.

ENTJ (The Commander) – ENTJs are assertive and motivated to create and implement logical solutions to inefficiencies. They are articulate, assertive and make great strategic leaders, motivated to organize change.

ENTP (The Visionary) – Innovative and curious, ENTP’s are always looking for unconventional ways to understand and influence and challenge others. They are open-minded and easily able to brush things off of their shoulders.

INTP (The Architect) – INTPs are interested in learning complex universal theories. Often internally wrapped up in their own thoughts, they often and easily detach from the physical world around them.


ESFJ (The Provider) – Empathetic and attentive, ESFJs feel responsible to create a sense of harmony with those around them. They are generous and loyal to their close friends and family and work hard to please and provide for them.

ESFP (The Performer) – ESFPs are charming and spontaneous entertainers who love being in touch with things around them: nature, people, and animals. They enjoy bouncing off of others’ energy and helping them to have a great time.

ISFJ (The Protector) – ISFJs are caring to others and loyal to their traditions. They are grounded and committed and are focused on completing tasks given to them.They are persistent and want others to know that they can rely on them.

ISFP (The Composer) – Flexible and cheerful, ISFPs are focused on taking care of others, but do not easily let people in. They have a small group of intimate friends with whom they love to share outdoor or creative experiences.


ESTJ (The Supervisor) – ESTJs are rule-abiding, reliable and hardworking, passionate about finding and bringing about structure. They prefer things to be predictable and guideline-driven.

ESTP (The Dynamo) – Energetic and adaptable, these thrillseekers bring energy to everyone around them. They have a great sense of humor and are able to easily observe people around them and adapt to keep them interested.

ISTJ (The Inspector) – ISTJs have a procedure for everything – and keep to that tradition day in and day out. They have a strong sense of where they belong and how they can maintain that social order and their social responsibilities.

ISTP (The Craftsman) – ISTPs are flexible, but calculated in their approach to social and practical problems. Their close attention to detail and adaptable manner allows them to be cool under pressure and in emergencies.


There is plenty to absorb about Myers Briggs and how you can utilize this information not only in your personal life, but also throughout your company and your marketing! We’d love to continue the Myers Briggs discussion with you! For more information about how you can learn what you and your team members’ Myers Briggs types are, please email our Myers Briggs Certified team member, Chelsey, at Group Two at ckeenan@grouptwo.com.

You can also find more information on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator at www.mbtionline.com.

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