Marketing to Baby Boomers

Being over 50 isn’t what it used to be. Think about what being 50 looked like to your parents and grandparents. Today, it’s very different. Baby Boomers are different. They are busier, healthier and more active than their predecessors – and their decisions about how to live their “golden years” reflect that. Today’s 55+ generation has so many options – move to warmer climates, downsize to a condo or apartment, move to an active adult community, stay where they are… the list is endless!

With so many options, many active adults are on the fence about moving to an active adult community. It’s a big decision, one that will affect not just WHERE they live, but HOW they live. There are many elements to consider: Do they want to be around people that are only their own age group? Is having access to planned events and group socializing important? Do they mind paying the monthly fees?

While there are countless benefits to the lifestyle in an active adult community, you as the builder/developer have to know what your Boomers are thinking about, what concerns them. Here are a few talking points / arguments to get your fence-sitters moving.

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          1. Be as active – or inactive – as you want!

While most active adult communities today celebrate the “active” in active adult community, there is also a lot of leisure, too. From the incredible amenities to the beautiful locations, 55+ communities are all about a relaxed lifestyle. Meeting up for coffee. Yoga class. Hanging out with neighbors. Fishing. Swimming. Enjoying the peace & quiet on your patio. Taking day trips. Every day is a special day, and there’s an entire world of fun and freedom right outside the door.

          2. Location, location, location

Part of the reason that people choose the active adult lifestyle is a desire to simplify their lives. And part of that simplification is living in a great location that’s close to their grandkids, doctors, bank or anything else that’s vital to their wellbeing. Active adult communities are usually located near health centers and shopping centers, so residents don’t waste time traveling long distances. Often, they are also near universities, so residents enjoy continuing education opportunities, as well as access to sports and social activities. Additionally, most 55+ communities are purposely built in areas with picturesque natural amenities, that are close to vibrant cities and attractions, so residents are just a short trip from museums and theatres, and sports arenas.


          3. A sense of community

No matter which home they choose to live in, no matter what amenities they choose to take advantage of, one of the benefits for residents of an active adult community is the true sense of community. They are surrounded by people their own age, people with shared experiences who understand what’s going on at this stage of life. While feeling isolated and detached is a concern for this age group, these neighborhoods specialize in fostering close-knit relationships. From hobby gatherings to art classes, book clubs to sports teams, these communities are designed so that the residents get to know their new neighbors, and are able to form a new circle of friends.

          4. It’s time for you

They’ve raised their kids, worked long hours, and saved for this time of their lives. Now it is time for them to enjoy it. An active adult community has an obligation to give its residents a life where they are free to do whatever they want – whether it’s traveling, enjoying family, or pursuing hobbies. Many active adult communities are “Lock and Leave”, so residents can travel for months and know that their homes are safe. You want them to know that they can spoil themselves!


          5. Safety & Security

Many 55+ adults may have reservations about living in a codependent community, but emphasizing the benefits of safety and security may help with those concerns. Active adult communities are good at making residents feel safe and secure. They encourage neighbors to get to know each other, and look out for each other. The homes themselves are designed to support wellbeing, with features like single story floorplans, and attached garages with remotes for safe and easy access. Many communities feature sidewalks and streetlights, and no “drive-thru” traffic. There are maintenance crews to take care of yard work and home maintenance so that there’s no risk of having to climb ladders or wield power tools.

          6. A brand new maintenance-free home

If they’ve spent any time taking care of an older home, it probably won’t take much to encourage active adults to embrace the pleasures of new construction, rather than repeating the experience with a used home. Active adult homes are designed for that demographic, emphasizing single–story floorplans, energy efficiency, and maintenance free materials. From the innovative designs to the quality construction, the energy efficiency to the warranties, active adult homes are a great value. Not only does this leave them more time to do the things they want, it helps control their monthly costs. (Not a bad thing if they’re on a fixed budget!)


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