Marketing The Value of New vs. Used

When the circumstances of tomorrow aren’t always clear, there’s nothing more valuable to a prospective buyer than the certainty of a new home. Of course, you’ve known about the benefits of buying new since the beginning, but no point in time has proven the value of new to everyone else quite like the past few months.

Now that prospective buyers have no choice but to spend more time at home, they want (and need) everything that one of your new homes has to offer. More space, all-new systems that work perfectly, reliable energy efficiency, fresh, clean features, extra bedrooms, customization options, community amenities, flexible space. The list goes on. A used home simply doesn’t hold a candle, especially right now.

New vs. Used Home Campaigns

We recently strategized and designed new vs. used campaigns that present a clear message: a new home enhances your life in ways that a used home cannot. Here are just a few samples that highlight how this message can be tailored to your unique brand.

Homes by Dickerson, Destination NEW campaign

Stone Martin Builders, NEW is FRESH campaign

The Certainty of New

Right now, the certainty of a new home is more in demand than ever. A freshly built, clean home is a beacon of safety and security. It’s a healthy, high-quality living space that promises peace of mind. It’s exactly the place any buyer would want to be when the outside world isn’t always so certain.

As new home marketers and builders, our competition is used homes. It’s time we take this unique opportunity to steal the spotlight from our competitors, and shine it where it belongs. No matter what tomorrow looks like, the most important thing is that your buyers know they’re in complete control of their decision to purchase the home they want. This is how you show them that they are.

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