How to Market Your New Communities on Facebook

Pre-selling communities
McKee Homes’ New Community, The Grove

Many builders struggle with how to promote a brand new community to prospects on social media. With no product, no homeowners (yet!) and no photography, it can be a challenge to reach and engage users on such visually driven media channels. The main goal of pre-selling is to make the invisible, visible… but how?

In order to generate interest and leads even before construction ever begins, we have three easy tips for marketing your new home community on Facebook.

Timing. You have a new community, and you’re excited to get the word out. Don’t wait! You can begin to promote your community on social media anywhere from 90 – 120 days prior to launch. Make sure you have the community name, location, home styles, and price nailed down before announcing it on social media. Having conflicting messages may confuse or upset potential prospects.

Content. One of the hardest parts of selling a brand new community is the lack of imagery while renderings or 3D floor plans are being created. Your main goal with pre-selling is to give prospects the pieces they need to imagine themselves living in one of your homes at this new community.

Lifestyle Photography
Lifestyle Photo from Royal Oaks Homes

Start with great photography. Use lifestyle images that represent your target demographic and also the community landscape. Post these images with descriptive captions that evoke the right emotions. Highlight your key differentiators and anything unique about the community or homes.

Posting a mix of industry related articles about design and décor related to your community’s home styles is also a great way to inspire your buyers and get them excited about building a new home with you.

Lastly, if you’re a more established builder, you can share homeowner testimonials from past communities to reassure potential buyers of the quality of your product and process. This trust is so invaluable, especially without an actual home to show them in your new community.

Web Traffic/Lead Capture. Not only should you be sharing content regularly, but you should also be focused on driving traffic and collecting leads. We suggest creating a landing page or a specific community page on your website. Link your Facebook posts to this designated page that features information about the community, lifestyle images, local area photos, and most importantly, a contact form. This is the perfect time to start collecting leads and building your prospect list as interested followers will be seeking more details about your new community and new homes.

Home Rendering
Anand Vihar Home Rendering

Social media is an ongoing conversation, so be sure to post content continually. We recommend at least three Facebook posts a week to keep followers engaged with you and your page. The more information and updates they receive as your new community progresses, the more excitement and anticipation you can build for potential homeowners. With the right tools and right messaging, you can strategically market your new home community on Facebook and start bringing in leads!


By Katie Seibert  – Assistant Account Manager
and Alexis Udine  –Account Supervisor













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