Looking for an Edge in Your Market? Consider Values That Matter™

In today’s housing market, buyers are making their new home decisions based on a different set of values than they did in the past. As a builder, repositioning your company to meet these new challenges on your own is easier said than done.

Group Two is a partner in the exclusive Values That Matter program, which can provide you with unique advantages for your building and marketing strategies.

Values That Matter is a special program for builders, created by fellow industry experts, featuring select home designs based on the values that matter most to today’s home buyers.

Builders who qualify and enter the program enjoy privileges & perks, such as being named the exclusive Values That Matter builder in their respective region, as well as the following:

  • A collection of unique home designs featuring classic architectural elements and tasteful finishes designed to be functional, flexible, economical and energy efficient.
  • Effective marketing materials designed to set your company apart from your competition while connecting with your buyers.
  • Differentiation from your competitors with a certification recognized by the use of the VTM trademarked logo.
  • The ability to link to the national Values That Matter website to download and utilize information on your own website and social media pages.

With innovative new designs, the right marketing strategy, and a better understanding of the core values of today’s homebuyers, you’ll have a significant edge on your competitors.

Learn more about The Values That Matter program here.

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