Incorporating Content Creation Into Your Business/Marketing Plan

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At g2, we believe that content creation should be at the top of your business/marketing plan in 2020 — so we’ve compiled a list (or a checklist, if you will) of some of the things you should absolutely leverage this year. Remember, there are so many other areas for content creation. This is just to get started!

1. Professional Home Photos

We highly recommend taking and maintaining 35+ photos of every single home you offer, from floor plans to inventory homes. You should also maintain one master set of exceptional photos for the floor plan as a whole, as well as photograph every inventory home that’s finished (but not sold). Lastly, photograph all of your major structural options that prospects can pick from as you build them, then add them to the master floor plan set.

2. Videos

  • Community intro videos offer valuable, engaging insight into what your communities provide. Make sure to think big picture (i.e. “why live in this area and this community”).
  • Video walk-throughs are great for inventory homes that aren’t sold yet. In fact, g2’s Matt Riley kept a video company on retainer to do walk-through tours for finished, unsold inventory homes. In addition, a video-making tool like this will allow you to DIY!
  • Videos of salespeople and online sales counselors doing interviews from communities help to personalize your marketing and soften your approach.
  • Drone videos of your communities and surrounding areas show off your product in a highly engaging form.

3. Blogging

Strong, relevant blog content helps to expand brand awareness, build trust with potential buyers, and ultimately ease those buyers down your sales funnel. Blogs also make a lot of sense from an SEO standpoint — with the right searchable keywords, they can significantly increase your website’s visibility. When you put out smart content that’s helpful to potential buyers, increased sales follow.

4. Website Copy

First and foremost, put an emphasis on community and floor plans descriptions. Almost all of this content can be used on syndication platforms like Zillow, Trulia,, and New Home Source, as well within your other marketing efforts like email and social media. Therefore, investing time and money into content creation has a ripple effect that extends far past your company’s website. 

5. Matterport Tours

Yes, do this in addition to your floor plan video walkthroughs! There’s so much you can do with virtual Matterport tours (aside from the actual tours themselves). Unique camera technology allows you to pull custom-view still images from almost any angle to download and use for other things. You can also download GIFs (we say this as “JIF” and we think we’re right!) that give a super-quick highlight with motion of the home. See below for Matterport screenshots!

Matterport Tours


Matterport Tours

Now that you have the 411 about content creation, it’s time to get out there and engage your prospects like never before. View this information as an exciting opportunity to showcase your company in its best light!

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