How To Use Facebook Live To Engage Home Buyers

If you’re like most homebuilders we speak to on a daily basis, you’re probably wondering what Facebook Live is and how you can leverage this social media feature to generate more leads and sales.

Live streaming is becoming more popular everyday, mainly due to the fact that it allows users to broadcast to the largest audience in the world by simply using the camera in their very own pocket.

According to Facebook, the average user watches a live video more than 3x longer than pre-recorded videos. Part of this is due to that unique instant connection it provides in allowing for viewers to interact, ask questions and make comments during the live feed. Plus, once the broadcast ends, the video will be published to your page so that fans and friends who missed it can watch at a later time.

This is why Facebook Live has quickly emerged as the premiere live streaming application in the world of social media.

So turn on your smartphone, connect via the Facebook app and begin broadcasting in a matter of seconds using the following strategies…

Strategies To Get You Started:

Model Home Walkthrough
Take your followers through a guided tour of your model home just like you would if they were there walking alongside you. Be sure to point out what makes your process or homes different from the competition and how that benefits the homebuyer.



Live Stream Open Houses and Events
Have an event coming up? Mount your phone on a flat surface and live stream it. Broadcast for at least 10 minutes and engage participants at the party. Don’t worry about being perfect or polished for the camera. Just be real and authentic and bring energetic content to keep viewers interested.


Every builder encounters enthusiastic and appreciative homebuyers who love their finished homes and aren’t afraid to say it. Capture that moment and ask them if they would say it on camera. Nothing is more authentic and captivating than a live interview testimonial.


Stream Community Tours
It can be difficult to bring a community to life through photos on your website and social media. Take it to the next level by giving a live tour of the community, clubhouse and amenities. Highlight how these luxuries translate to a closer group of neighbors and regular activities. This is especially beneficial if you’re marketing to active adults and the lifestyle your community offers is better than the community down the street.


Host Q&A Sessions
Homebuyers enjoy seeing the team behind the home building process. By holding a Q&A session, it allows you to position your team as the expert. It also humanizes your team and showcases your skill set. Have the builder do a live Q&A. While broadcasting, viewers will tune in and ask questions in the comments section for you to answer. Make sure you promote ahead of time to get the best results.


Have an exciting story? Have you recently won an award? Go live and tell your followers why you’re appreciative for winning and what this means to the company. Let your passion and excitement shine through!


Explain The Design Center Process
The excitement of building a new home comes from the ability to personally design it yourself yet many builders are not marketing this enough. Have your design consultant walk through the process and explain how, “this is the fun part”. This also helps connect with buyers who are still undecided on new vs. used.
Remember, Facebook Live can turn anyone into an instant marketer. Its free, doesn’t take much time and can provide a ton of brand awareness and exposure for your company. Don’t forget to end your Facebook Live video with a specific call to action like further directing viewers to your website, emailing or calling you.


By Andy Bergren –
Senior Account Manager




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