How to Stand Out in a Sea of Competition

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While I was walking through the grocery store the other day, I came across something that struck me (in the granola bar aisle, no less). Of course, I snapped a photo, because it reminded me so much of our industry. This image does a great job of representing most of today’s homebuilders. With rows and rows of similar-looking choices, a buyer might assume that what’s offered inside is exactly the same as well.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd once a buyer gets up close? How do you catch someone’s attention and make sure they know that what’s in your “box” is truly different than what’s in the rest of them? That what you have is going to make their life better!

If you blindfolded the average buyer and took them into 10 different new homes built by just a few different builders, would the buyer be able to tell whose home was whose? In a lot of cases, the answer is no.

Discover What Makes You Different

In markets where new homes fetch up to a 30% price premium over their used counterparts if buyers can’t see a discernible difference, why would they picknew… or you?

Energy-efficient construction practices that reduce utility bills aren’t enough anymore. Buyers today expect a new home to be more energy-efficient, and offerinnovative designs and trends. But, are your floor plans really offering something fresh and new?

Ask yourself these questions: 1. Why pick us? 2. Why pay more? And you’re not allowed to say: “quality,” “our team cares,” “warranty” (unless your warranty really is better than everyone else’s), and “we have great locations.” Really think about the blindfold test. What does that tell you?

Demonstrate What Makes You Different

Now, here comes the X factor: sales demonstration. Say you have the great/shiny/new/better features that set you apart — if you don’t talk about them via content on your website and marketing efforts, and make them a significant part of your sales process, then you will continue to lose and not “get credit” for all of these great things. This is exactly what your “brand” is — a promise to your buyers that not only encompasses the value that your product brings to their lives, but the unique way in which you present that value.

The battle will happen online with information, but the war will be won in the sales demonstration. Remember, Realtors “show” homes, but new home sales professionals demonstrate. But your sales demonstration isn’t over once you’ve highlighted your exceptional features.

Now that modern consumers compare their brand experiences to the impeccable service of companies like Apple and Amazon, it’s crucial that your business provides something similar as well. Make sure that while your sales professionals demonstrate, you prove your team’s dedication to the buyer’s well-being through your unique brand voice, which encompasses your in-person service and digital persona.

Are you ready to stand out from your competition? Let 2020 be the year you make it happen.


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