How to Market Your Homes’ Energy Efficiency

As a builder, you’re proud to showcase your energy efficient homes and Energy Star Certification. But as a marketer, are you really connecting with buyers on what these things mean for them? Communicating the benefits of a “green” home isn’t necessarily a universal language to all buyers, so many builders struggle with getting the attention of potential customers with these features. It’s time to start relaying your message in the right way to the right audience.

Here’s how to market your home’s energy efficiency:

Speak Optimistically. It important for your buyers to feel as though they aren’t making sacrifices to reap the benefits of an energy efficient home. Speak to the added value and tangible paybacks regarding things they actually want and use on a daily basis. Spread light on how built-in efficiency is effortlessly putting them in control of their consumption. Focus the conversation on improvement, not loss.

Know Your Demographic. Different audiences care more about different things. Women are involved in a majority of home buying decisions and focus on the health and happiness of their family, especially with children. As a result, they tend to care more about the quality of the materials in their home to provide the most comfortable place possible to live. More tech-minded buyers, motivated by ease and performance, they want full control over their energy consumption and costs in the simplest ways possible. To send an effective message to your consumer, you need to focus on what’s most important to them.

Consider Your Geography.
While energy bills fluctuate in areas like the Northeast where the changing seasons cause some of the highest costs in the country, that’s not the case in all states. These buyers want to hear how Energy Star Homes will drastically lower utility and maintenance costs. Likewise, in other parts of the country where droughts are common, water conservation is a higher priority on their home checklist. Know your area and how it influences how your buyers think.

Speak in a Way they Understand. Words like “high-performance” and “green” don’t really resonate with the typical buyer, largely because they don’t fully understand what that means. The less they comprehend your message, the less they feel they need what you’re trying to sell. Use terminology that hits home (literally). “Efficient” is a more relatable term, and when used to describe its impact on things like their family’s health and safety and the overall value of their home, that’s something for which they’re willing to spend a little more.

Understanding what your customers value in a home based on who they are and where they live is really important to your strategy; while choosing the right language and tone can make or break its efficacy. Consider all these things when marketing your home’s energy efficiency, and start noticing what your buyers really want to hear.


By Nicolette Miller –
Group Two Online Content Strategist

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