How To Market Your Healthy & Energy Efficient Homes

No matter what, home should be the most reliable place in a person’s life, where comfort and security are guaranteed. While you’ve always understood the value of a brand new, energy-efficient living space, buyers are now recognizing the full extent of that value as well.

Your new homes, built to today’s standards (or maybe even more) of cleanliness and energy efficiency, promise what resale homes simply cannot: healthier indoor air, energy savings, environmentally friendly features, and above all else, peace of mind. Now that buyers are prioritizing a living space that they feel comfortable and safe in, you’re in the perfect position to discuss the benefits of your new, healthy homes.

Marketing Your Healthy Homes

Recently, we created a campaign for Sego Homes that highlights their invaluable solution to a major problem regarding homes in Utah. 1 in every 3 Utah homes have high levels of radon, which is a harmful radioactive gas that can cause health problems down the line. But because Sego builds high-quality, new homes with first-rate radon systems, families can go about their days without the threat of radon looming over them.

This campaign, which consisted of digital remarketing ads, animated banners, emails, and social ads, as well a top-performing blog that garnered 500+ sessions, effectively spelled out the critical value of a new Utah home with a reliable radon system included. It goes without saying that no one, especially right now, wants to live in a home that could negatively affect their health. We addressed this particular concern with simple, straightforward copy and imagery that details the issue at hand and promises a real solution.

Similarly, we created a campaign for New Tradition Homes, a builder in Washington state, that simplifies the advantages of a healthy home. While low-VOC paints and a sealed-combustion furnace may not be the most “exciting” topics to buyers, we highlighted the benefits of these modern features in a straightforward and eye-catching way. The Art of Healthy Living campaign involved both lifestyle and product photography that drew attention to what matters most to buyers right now — a clean, healthy home that promises safety and security for the family.

Your Advantage In Your Market

Even if a strict “healthy and green” program is not part of your building process, just the fact that you build new homes puts you at an advantage over resale. Aside from the reliability of all-new systems and appliances, the comfort of open, airy space, and the peace of mind of overall cleanliness throughout, a new home provides certainty, and, of course, the unique ability to make a fresh start.

Whether you have a dedicated “healthy and green” home building program or not, you’re in an ideal position to extol the incredible value of one of your new homes. Many people crave adventure outside of their homes — but when it comes to where they permanently rest, relax, and spend their time, they want to know that the walls surrounding them have their back. Your new homes do… so this season, make sure you let them know that!

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