How to Market to Relocation Buyers

The process of searching for, buying, and moving into a new home is vastly different for relocation buyers than it is for any other demographic. This means that marketing to relocation buyers requires a different approach as well. With the right strategies and mindset, you can become a reliable resource regarding your locations, helping to foster the trust needed for these buyers to decide to build a new home in one of your neighborhoods.

Familiarize them with the neighborhood and surrounding area. 

Since relocation buyers aren’t as familiar with the areas where you build, creating and marketing an in-depth points of interest map is especially helpful and can easily be added to your website as a downloadable PDF, emailed out, and shared on social. This map should include appealing activities, attractions, stores, restaurants, etc. that are important to know when deciding on a home in a specific location. Highlighting what makes one of your neighborhoods an ideal place to live will not only entice these buyers to relocate, but help them to feel connected to the area ahead of time. 

Paint a picture.

Once you’ve highlighted the area around your community, paint a picture of what your buyers can expect right inside your community. Through a combination of lifestyle photography, engaging copy, and graphic design, one of our recent campaigns, “The Neighborhood of Tomorrow, Today,” draws attention to everything about the community that enhances a buyer’s daily routine: a low-maintenance townhome, walkability and convenience, and parks, trails, and open green space.

Highlight video, virtual, and FaceTime Appointments.

Relocation buyers may not have the ability to tour homes or meet with you in person throughout the process. This means that it’s crucial for you to be flexible with your appointments. Along with virtual tours on your website, make it clear that you’re willing to do video calls and FaceTime tours around their schedule. This will prove your commitment to making their process just as smooth as it is for any other buyer.

Create a campaign that spells out how easy and fun it is for a relocation buyer to explore your new homes without having to leave their own. For one of our recent campaigns, we utilized a couch graphic to emphasize the “comfort and convenience” aspect of the virtual process. We made it clear that no matter where buyers currently live, they can be sure that the builder’s team is ready to “come to them.” In our digital-focused world, buying a home virtually is now completely feasible, and a bold, fun campaign is a great way to announce this opportunity.

Emphasize your simple process.

It goes without saying that all buyers want and need sufficient information about your process before deciding to build a home with you. But relocation buyers need to feel especially confident about what’s to come. Make sure that you have a designated page on your website that clearly spells out your unique process, so buyers can understand and anticipate each step. 

An informative and engaging Path to Ownership on your website is an incredibly valuable resource. By educating buyers, it allows them to feel confident and comfortable about their journey ahead. If you are able to modify your standard process to fit a buyer’s specific situation, make sure to mention that somewhere on the Path to Ownership page as well. This will especially appeal to relocation buyers who are in need of flexibility.

Produce and promote top quality content.

High-quality photos, videos, and 360 virtual tours like Matterport tours are especially important for relocation buyers, considering they may not be able to see your homes and communities in person. Take a look at your website and social media, and decide whether your content provides the quality and information that these buyers want and need to make their decision.

Show up on all relevant digital channels.

When buyers can’t come to you, you have to go to them. Since relocation buyers are primarily interacting with you online, make sure that you have a strong digital presence, which includes your website, SEM, social media, real estate platforms such as Zillow and BDX, and email marketing. Along with the right SEO strategy, this will ensure that you show up where your buyers are searching, and that you don’t lose them to competitors in your area.

Showcase your move-in-ready homes.

Oftentimes, relocation buyers need a home as soon as possible, especially if they are moving for a new job. If you have move-in-ready or quick-move-in homes available, a campaign with consistent messaging across social media, digital ads, emails, your website, etc., will make it clear that you have new homes available now and buyer’s don’t need to wait. Most importantly, a cohesive campaign focused on your move-in-ready or quick-move-in homes delivers the message that you are prepared to work with a relocation buyer’s specific (and urgent) timeline.

With everything from flexible appointments and a strong digital presence to consistent and memorable messaging, you’ll prove your value and reliability to relocation buyers, who are especially looking for a builder that they can trust to make this transition as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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