How to Avoid Spooky Social Media Content

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At Group Two, we understand it can be tricky to keep up with the ever-evolving use of social media on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn to name a few. But when done well, it can be such a treat – both for you and your audience!

We’ve seen some pretty spooky social postings, but don’t worry; we have some insights on how to make sure they don’t come back to haunt you.

Be Picture Perfect

Avoid these frightening photography fails and remember to showcase your product in the best light!

Blurry & Low-Quality

The spookiest of all! Blurry, low-quality images can impact your audience’s perception. Plus, pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure your photos are poetically telling your brand’s story and reflecting the quality of your homes.

Empty Room Pics

Bring your photos of empty rooms back from the dead with some professional light staging. We suggest virtual staging by Box Brownie as an easy way to bring those rooms to life.

Only Using Renderings

Sure, they look clean and crisp, but your audience can spot them from a mile away and know that they’re #fake. Give ‘em the real deal, but not too real (see below).

Don’t Be Dirty

Don’t spook your audience away with photos that show trash, construction materials, dirt everywhere, fingertips (yup, we’ve seen it), exposed wiring, or anything that distracts from your beautiful homes.

Videos Are Vital

Videos are becoming more and more important in the ever-changing algorithms. You can’t afford these video blunders.

TL;DW  (Too Long, Didn’t Watch)

The ideal length of videos should be 2 minutes or less. They are less likely to be seen due to algorithms, but they also won’t hold viewers’ attention.

Void of Life Boring

Don’t let your videos be boring or unengaging. Get your audience as excited about your homes as you are with fun, entertaining videos they’ll want to watch. And don’t be afraid to try new trends!

The Wonder of Words

Messaging is so important and what you say on the internet lives forever. Don’t be remembered for these literary tragedies. 

Empty Promises

Words matter! Be careful what you post about utilizing words like “never” or “always,” as they can create false promises. Once something is posted, it’s never truly deleted.

Pour Writing

Posts with poor grammar and misspelled words are a bad look. Remember to proof twice. Post once!

Too Little Info

Most people don’t like to search too hard for information. When listing your homes, give as much information as possible, like the location, price, what community it’s in, the type of home, etc.

Final Tips

A few parting words, because the cold hard truth is that to properly maintain a social media presence that won’t spook your buyers is a full-time job. 

Not Responding

Leaving questions and comments unanswered on Facebook and Instagram is not a good look. Your homes are one of the biggest purchases in your audience’s lives, so they deserve a response.

Link Errors

As cute as some error messages can be, a broken link means a broken heart for your audience. Ensure all the links on your website and social posts work.

Posting Too Little Or Too Much

There’s something to be said about a well-balanced feed. Set the right expectations for your audience and your company as far as how regularly you can post because content should be valuable or beautiful. We always recommend posting with a purpose!

The “ghoul” is to have fun while engaging your audience and building awareness for your brand. Consider this list of our spooky sightings the next time you post, and know Group Two is here to help!

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