At Home with Group Two: Katie Seibert

Katie SeibertEveryone here at Group Two loves working with this awesome team member just as much as our builders do! Whether she’s executing social media campaigns or strategizing new creative, Katie is serious about our builders’ marketing strategies, but her bubbly, fun-loving personality makes everyone she works with feel right at home! She’s so full of great ideas and helpful information, it’s no wonder she talks so fast!

Meet our wonderful Account Executive, Katie Seibert!


What do you really do on a daily basis?

I help builders drive qualified prospects to their homes and their websites! I spend most of my day communicating with builders and making sure their marketing objectives are met and campaigns are streamlined.


Whats your favorite thing about working with Homebuilders/the homebuilder industry?

I love the fact that I get to work with such passionate builders. Each day I have the opportunity to not only help builders sell their product, but help buyers find their forever home.


Whats your biggest workday motivation/can’t you start the workday without?

My co-workers! I truly look forward to coming into work each day.


What would your dream home HAVE to have?

A farmhouse sink! I am alllllll about the rustic, farmhouse look that’s popular right now. (Thanks, Chip and Jo!)


Where would we probably find you in your free time?

 Honestly, reading. I’m a millennial with a library card (gasp!). I read on the weekends, and I read on the train each morning. I always have a new book in hand.


If you were stuck on a deserted island, name 3 things you would want with you.

 A Steven King book, sunscreen and Pretzel Crisps.


How would your coworkers describe you?

 Fast-talking! And Penn State obsessed. We are!

In your opinion, what’s the coolest thing about social media marketing?    

The fact that we can reach people on one platform, but in so many different ways. With social media marketing you can share video content, a gallery of images, special offers/discounts, blogs… the list goes on! It gives us as marketers the opportunity to brand our clients in many different ways, and appeal to such a wide variety of people.

Anything else you’d like people to know:

I’m a huge dog lover. So never hesitate to email me pictures of puppies! (:

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