Social Media Marketing for New Home Builders

Strategy-driven, home buyer-centric, and shockingly simple (for you).

Standing out from the crowd can seem like a daunting task — lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of social warriors thinks in hashtags and GIFs, and fights against the algorithms. They’re ready to dig deep into your strategy and spice up your social channels, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and beyond. These days, social media is a must-have for any home builder. We make it fun, exciting, and engaging – for you and your audience.


Your Home Buyer Audience, Targeted

Social media may seem like an impenetrable landscape. With 3.43 billion (yes, that’s a “b”) monthly active users expected by 2023, it may seem impossible to reach just the right home buyers at just the right time. Not only is it possible; it’s very doable! Our team knows how to target, attract, and engage exactly who you’re looking for; or rather, who’s looking for you. We understand the parameters, criteria, algorithms, and all the (many) rules and regulations to make your social media posts and ads stand out and perform. 

But it’s not enough to just reach new prospects; you also have to stay top of mind with your existing ones. You know how sometimes you visit a website or click on an ad, and for the next few weeks you see ads for that product or service EVERYWHERE? We know how to make that happen, and we can set up an effective remarketing campaign for you, too. We’ll keep your homes top of mind with anyone who has engaged with your brand.

Social Media Advertising for Home Builders

Social media platforms are GREAT at targeting specific audiences, but sometimes you have to pay to play. The good news is that paid social media is a cost effective and reliable way to drive qualified traffic to home builder websites. There are a wide variety of campaigns available, especially on Facebook, and through our deep experience and exhaustive testing, we know which ones perform best for home builders, and how much to spend to get results. 

Social media platforms are also great places to remind potential buyers about your homes. We can set up remarketing ads within Facebook and Instagram, targeting users who have been on your site recently. (And you’ll want to do this, considering people spend, on average, 145 minutes a day on social media.)

We can also use your prospect list, exported from your CRM system, to further target and remarket anyone who has already expressed interest in your homes. We can reach each group with personalized, relevant ads that speak to their preferences and where they are in the buying cycle. It’s kind of magical.

We don’t stop with just getting your ads out in the world – we track them, too. We’re constantly checking on your campaigns to make sure they’re getting the right amount of impressions and engagement. We’ll proactively update them when necessary and keep you informed every step of the way. Expect monthly progress reports on what’s working, and our recommendations for making it work even better.

Organic Social Media

It’s not just enough to have social media accounts for your company; each one should have an active feed that’s updated with engaging organic content on a weekly basis. Prospective buyers want to see that you are alive and kicking and participating in social media. They want to know what you’re up to, the status of your communities, how the home buying process works, and interesting information on homeownership. We’ll help you get there. 

We use a strategy that combines what’s trending on the internet and what’s happening in the home building industry to keep your feeds relevant and engaging. And we want you to participate, too! We’ll send you a monthly content calendar that details the topics we’re posting about and how you can help bring them to life through photos, videos and more. You’ll be surprised at what content your audience gravitates toward!