Digital marketing for home builders who want to reach the right buyers.

Reach home buyers through a multi-channel digital marketing strategy based on your target buyer and your specific local market.

Harness the power of Group Two’s digital marketing program to bring your brand to the next level and convert browsers to buyers. We utilize cutting-edge digital expertise, sophisticated audience targeting, and a deep understanding of online buyer behavior to increase your web leads and maximize your online presence during all stages of the buying process. We reach buyers online through an effective mix of paid search, remarketing, programmatic display advertising, video advertising, organic and paid social media, SEO best practices, and specialized website development. We also get super local and granular by using hyper geo-targeted campaigns through GPS, geo-fencing, IP targeting, mapping applications, and more. 

Whether it’s pre-selling a new community or selling inventory homes, your Group Two Digital team will develop a strategy to give you a competitive edge in your market. Your campaigns will be analytics and data-driven, leverage the latest in demographic, behavioral, and intent targeting, and will be based on your sales goals and target demographics. Here’s how we do it!

Home Builder Digital Marketing

Paid Search, Display, and Remarketing 

With our Premier Google Partner badge, Group Two is equipped to position your brand in front of the right buyers. Our core strategy consists of paid search, intent-based Google Display Network, remarketing, and conversion tracking. Your digital marketing team will send you a detailed report every month with key performance indicators, insights, and trends accompanied by analysis and recommendations, so that you’re always part of the strategic process. 

Organic and Paid Social

Group Two’s social warriors think in hashtags and GIFs, and fight against the algorithms. They’re ready to dig deep into your strategy and spice up your social channels, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and beyond. These days, social media is a must-have for any home builder. We know when to pay to play, and when to let organic content do its thing. We make social media for home builders fun, exciting, and engaging – for you and your audience.

Website Development

Builder websites aren’t one size fits all. That’s why our team of specialists prioritize your individual needs, from front (end) to back (end). Using current design and development trends, we create mobile-friendly websites — with all of the necessary pages and features — that tap into the psyche to convert visitors into prospects. A Group Two website will tell your organization’s story, improve the user experience, streamline the backend, integrate seamlessly with other platforms, and improve your Google Ranking. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines constantly update their algorithms, which can affect how your website ranks. Successful home builder SEO requires extreme attention, diligent measurement, and hard work. Your dedicated SEO team at Group Two will develop a tailored strategy based on how your buyers search online, and regularly evaluate and adapt this strategy based on current and upcoming trends. We’ll make sure your homes get in front of the right audience at the right time, increasing your website’s organic traffic along the way.