S1 EP13 | Healthy Innovation: Lessons From a Net-Zero Community With Special Guest Tim O’Brien

Show Notes:

Focus Discussion of the Week:

“Geothermal,” “HERS Rating,” and “Solar” aren’t just buzzwords in the building industry — they’re the way of the future. In this episode, Tim O’Brien from Tim O’Brien Homes joins us to discuss “Healthy Innovation: Lessons From a Net-Zero Community,” and how healthy, energy-efficient homes are now the standard in today’s consumption-conscious society. Awarded the Department of Energy’s Housing Innovation Award in 2018 and 2019, Tim and his team are leading experts on building modern, energy-efficient homes for today’s homebuyer.


Top Topics of The Week:

  • Mollie’s having some communication issues with her son’s teacher. Got any recommendations? Let her know in the Facebook group! 
  • “THIS BAR SAVES LIVES.” Would this catch your eye while browsing granola bars in a grocery store? With countless brands lining the shelves, standing out is vital. Does your brand stand out among your competition? 


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Two thought leaders come together to explore all things sales and marketing from their unique perspectives. Each week, Mollie Elkman, Matt Riley, and others from Group Two dive into a focus discussion to talk about the latest trends, changes, and best practices.

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