Group Two helped Inspired Homes introduce themselves – and their radical philosophy – to KC!

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At Group Two, we strive to help our home builders stand out in their markets. And sometimes, they make that job SOOOO easy!

The Background

Allow us to introduce Inspired Homes, a new home builder in Kansas City, Missouri, who came to us with a very unique story. They wanted to address a basic question facing the Kansas City single-family home building industry: Can someone build a better home, more efficiently and for a better value?

Ernie Wassmann and Trey Bowen started Inspired Homes to change the way homes are built in Kansas City, utilizing several key fundamentals to drive the design and build of each home:

– A unique & innovative process that improves the speed and quality of assembly.

– Advanced technology that allows them to deliver homes more quickly than their competitors.

– A focus on affordability – by leveraging their processes and systems to reduce costs and waste, they are able to offer more affordable homes.

This pioneering approach to homebuilding is a completely new concept for the Kansas City market. Inspired Homes is offering more space for less money, a more efficient building process with less waste, AND a 90-day turnaround.

The Strategy

Phase 1: Get to know the market.

Having a home builder who was both new to the market AND introducing a new approach to building meant we had to really familiarize ourselves not only with their product, but also with the Kansas City market and the Kansas City buyer. We analyzed their market, their competition, where other home builders are advertising, and what are home builders doing in this market.

Phase 2. Get Inspired Homes and their unique philosophy out there.

Otherwise known as getting them to show up… and show up with the right message! How did we do it?

1. A campaign look and feel that reflects their innovation and individuality

2. Consistent messaging that emphasizes their unique selling propositions

3. Saturating the market across all media:

– A strong online presence on real estate specific sites – Zillow, Trulia, New Home Guide, BDX

– Local print media

– Social media – Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, LinkedIn

– A variety of marketing collateral with consistent branding – brochure folders, floor plans inserts, sales center displays, a differentiation panel, a construction process graphic

– Signage

– Events & promotions – Realtor promos; Grand Opening events; Open Houses

– Press releases

– Eblasts

The Results… By The Numbers!

– By Dec 31 2014 – 30 build jobs to close in 2015

– 1,183 Page Facebook Page Likes

– 8,309 people reached organically via Facebook

– 3,538 people engaged via Facebook

– Published in KC Star and KC Business Journal more than once

Group Two Advertising is a full service agency devoted specifically to new home builder marketing and social media.  215-561-2200.

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