FREE Proven Pre-Sales E-book Launched Today!

ProvenPreSalesBookRenowned author and speaker, Myers Barnes, and international speaker and building industry expert, Mollie Elkman, have just released their new e-book, entitled PROVEN PRE-SALES: How to Successfully Launch a New Community. It guides homebuilders through the process of successfully – and profitably – launching a new home community. The book details the entire pre-sale process, offering up proven strategies, new perspectives and easy tips for generating sales.

Barnes and Elkman have combined their collective experience into this step-by-step guide to success. PROVEN PRE-SALES: How to Successfully Launch a New Community covers everything a builder needs to consider when planning and executing a new community launch, from choosing a date to developing a budget, to creating a marketing plan. Other topics include generating excitement that produces qualified prospects, overcoming known objections, and closing sales efficiently. The easy-to read book also features real-world examples of marketing materials that have been used for launches, as well as detailed calendars and schedules, media plans, and budgets.

“One main challenge facing the market right now is the availability of lots. To thrive in 2016 and beyond, homebuilders need a viable strategy to turn sales before they turn the first shovel of dirt,” Barnes said. “The secrets of pre-selling are finally revealed in this paint-by-numbers e-book!”

As recognized thought leaders in the Homebuilding Industry, Myers Barnes and Mollie Elkman have been chosen by the NAHB to speak on this topic at the 2016 International Builders Show in January.

For a builder looking for a practical and insightful guide to getting prospects to pre-order and pay upfront for a house that doesn’t yet exist, PROVEN PRE-SALES: How to Successfully Launch a New Community is the book to start them out on the right foot.

Click here to download a free copy of PROVEN PRE-SALES: How to Successfully Launch a New Community.

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