Facebook Releases New Lead Ads!

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Marketing & Sales Managers Rejoice! Quantify Those Ad Leads.

Forget the Kardashian gossip and the dancing animals, Facebook announced yesterday that they are ready to release a Lead Generation system on ads. How will this work? Potential clients will go through a two-click process on your ad – and be redirected to a page where they, in less than 10 seconds, will be asked permission to give their contact information to a sales person. Since names, phone numbers, etc, are already a part of Facebook’s network, it eliminates that time-sucking process of inputing all of that info. 

Test marketers have already seen a two to four times increase in their generated leads from the feature entitled, “Lead Ads”. Home Builders – Ready to try it out for prospective clients?

Source: AdWeek, How Facebook Is Making It Easier to Generate Sales Leads Among Mobile Phone Users Land Rover gets results By Christopher Heine


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