Facebook Collection Ads: What They Are and Why You Need Them

With 68% of Americans active on Facebook, you have an incredible opportunity to reach your specific demographics through customized ads. But what’s most important is not the number of users on Facebook you’re reaching, but how you’re reaching them on Facebook.

Take note: 96% of Facebook users access the app on their phones. This means that mobile ads, specifically collection ads, can significantly increase your website click-throughs and conversions. 


What Are Facebook Collection Ads?

Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you’ve most likely encountered them on your phone. These mobile-focused ads have only been around for a year, but they’ve certainly proven their ability to increase profits for businesses that use them. 


While most ads only take up a section of a newsfeed, collection ads take up an entire phone screen with a main cover photo and smaller product images beneath it. Since users can see multiple products in one ad, they can select which one they would like to see and go straight there. Essentially, collection ads on Facebook allow you to have multiple link click-throughs in the same ad without all the confusion.

Collection Ads Facebook 2


Why They’re Working

With appealing design and customization options, these ads can be leveraged to increase home sales. In fact, when it comes to potential homeowners engaging with Facebook, g2 has seen more users clicking through to homebuilder websites from these ads than from any other. 


Think of every time you came across an ad that rubbed you the wrong way or felt like a nuisance. The reason why collection ads are so successful is that with the right images and copy, they look personalized, clean, and deliberate — and ultimately give users the freedom to choose what they want to learn more about. 

Facebook Collection Ads

What’s Changing Right Now

Recent news centered around Facebook isn’t always positive, but fortunately, the latest ad change will work well in your favor… Initially, the price you put behind an ad while creating it in ad sets would stay the same throughout the campaign — now, Facebook will automatically put more money toward the ads that are performing the best through campaign budget optimization. 


This means that your collection ads that gain the most traction will have the opportunity to reach even more users (without you having to do a thing). More money put behind your ads means that qualified leads will come across them and click-through to your website, which is exactly where you want them. #productivitygoals


Your Facebook Collection Ads

Ideally, you want 20%+ of your website traffic to come from social media. With the right combination of collection ads and strategy, this is a done deal… Are you ready to amp up your Facebook ad game? Contact Group Two’s expert social team to learn more about how you can incorporate collection ads into your homebuilder social media strategy to see the results you want!

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