Facebook Change Alert: New Ad Parameters

If it feels like Facebook rolls out a new change quicker than the last, you’re not alone. A few months ago, Facebook announced that it would adjust its ad settings to comply with discrimination laws. The new ad platform has been rolled out for a select group of users, including our director of social media, Chelsey, who has the inside scoop about what these changes mean for you and your social strategy! 


The Facebook Ad Policy Changes You’ll See


Don’t be alarmed if you open your ads manager and find that it looks completely different — either now or in the near future, you’ll find new targeting restrictions regarding gender, location, and age group. More specifically, the only age bracket you can select will be 18-65+, and any location you want to target must include all areas within a minimum radius of 15 miles. In terms of gender, you’ll no longer be able to choose any category at all. 

Facebook Ad Changes 2

Facebook Targeting Changes










What They Mean For Home Builders


While these changes will be rolled out completely by the end of this year, Chelsey was able to get a “sneak peek” into what they look like on the back end — and how they impact results. The great news is that after testing the new parameters on several ads for a few months, we’ve found that ad performance was not affected.


While these targeting parameters are becoming more broad, Facebook’s algorithm is only getting stronger at ensuring you get in front of the most relevant audience. For example, even though 18-year-olds are now included in the age parameters, we trust that Facebook won’t put housing ads in front of them (it certainly wouldn’t be in their best interest). We’ve been experimenting with these AI-generated ads, and have sufficient data to back up their continued success. 

While the new ad barriers might seem like a restraint, our social team has found nothing that would suggest any problems. In fact, these changes have motivated us to leverage our creative with data to better understand performance metrics. When it comes to our “middle and bottom of the funnel” ads strategy, we have been honing in on collection ads, which has helped to increase conversion rates across the board for our builders.

Facebook Ad Rules

Group Two will continue to keep you updated on the ever-changing world of digital marketing as it unfolds!

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