Exciting Sprout Social Stats To Learn From

Every year, Sprout Social, a well-known and verified social media management platform, comes out with a social media index, a collection of social media statistics they gather throughout the year to reflect what happened within the past year, and use that to predict the trends moving forward. Our social media corner met to dissect these statistics and strategize our social media plan moving forward! 


Video is the Vibe:


Consumers find short-form video 2.5x more engaging than long-form video and 66% of consumers thought that short-form video was the MOST engaging type of content


Our own Nikki Kirkland presented at the International Builders’ Show on short-form video and the incredibly positive effects that it can have on your social media. By creating videos that are under 60 seconds and utilizing them across TikTok, Facebook, and Reels, you’re not only able to extend your content, but also your reach to different audiences across multiple platforms. The index also noted that 6-60 second videos are the main video length that people want to see! So stay short, informative, and engaging.


Authentically, yourself:


From testimonials to candid Instagram stories, “today’s consumers seek authenticity, and a super polished or overly stylized piece of content isn’t it.” Try creating behind-the-scenes videos or even a longer video that features a testimonial from a real homebuyer. The first step to making sure your social media is authentic is to actually discover what your brand is, what you want to say, and how you want to say it! Have a brainstorming session with your team to really find your voice, and then start creating content that reflects that voice and resonates with your audience. 


39% of consumers want to see customer testimonials


The easiest way to get testimonials from your buyers is to simply ask, AND give them the easiest way to leave reviews. Creating business cards that have QR codes that go straight to Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews makes it extremely easy for the buyer to leave that review that other potential buyers can then read. 


Many brands on social media have taken the route of using brand ambassadors, or micro-influencers, to publish posts that mention their company to their followers to spread word of mouth. We would love to explore what the world of influencer marketing can look like within the homebuilding industry. Whether a homeowner who may have thousands of followers who can document the buying and building process or an interior designer who can show off all of the incredible features of your models, it’s definitely worth reaching out to create that user-generated content! 


The Future of Social Media & Tech: 


50% of marketers plan to make VR a part of their marketing strategy within the next year. What are homebuilders doing to get into the VR world?


While we think we’re a bit of a ways away from advertising in the VR space or in the Metaverse, it’s definitely not too soon to start thinking about it, and it’s the perfect time to get moving on VR in the homebuilding industry. From renderings to walkthroughs, the VR space is the perfect place for the homebuilding industry to find its next tech boom. Some early adopters have already started creating virtual tours that don’t just live on the computer, but also on VR headsets so the buyer can really immerse themselves in the floorplan. This will be the next big thing in the industry, and why not get started creating that now?


If you have any questions or are just excited to chat about social media changes and advances, The Social Corner at Group Two is ready to talk to you! 

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