How to Enhance Your Social Media Customer Service

Did you know 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media channel for customer service? The user experience on these channels provides a reason for customers to engage with your social media pages, so it’s a vital part of your overall marketing strategy. Whether it’s providing more information about your product, your team or your services, social media is taking the lead as a customer service center for all types of companies. We have a few helpful tips for enhancing your social channels to provide a great customer experience.

Develop a Brand Voice

Before sharing anything on social media, it’s important to establish how you want to present your company to the world. Think of your company’s personality. Are you friendly and enthusiastic, or serious and direct? Are you sophisticated with a refined vocabulary, or conversational using more casual language? Your brand’s voice will set the tone for how you interact with potential buyers and customers on social media, so make sure it fits your company’s personality!

Be Prompt

Social media is yet another platform where your prospective homeowners can reach you. The most responsive builders will reply within a couple of hours. Treat social media comments and messages like an email or phone call. These conversations could be valuable leads which your sales team can nurture. Millennials/first-time homebuyers, especially, are less likely to pick up the phone and call, but more likely to turn to social media to find answers to their questions. They treat Facebook like a website, and they expect the timeliness of a personal online sales counselor. One day is plenty of time for a negative comment to reach dozens of people, and any longer is enough for a qualified lead to lose interest.

Online Customer ServiceDon’t Be Selective

It’s important to respond to ALL comments made about your company, and address them professionally. Ultimately, this will build better relationships with your customers, and provide potential buyers a glimpse into what it’s like to work with you. Negative comments typically stem from those who are looking for a response. By ignoring these people, you’re validating what they’re thinking: that you aren’t concerned about their poor experience. Instead, see this as an opportunity to win them over by being a company that can be trusted and cares about their customers.

It’s just as important to respond to positive comments, which show that a customer was so satisfied with their experience they had to share it with you! Choosing not to reply could be a missed opportunity to develop an even better relationship with your homeowners, and a good reputation with buyers who may be looking to build with you. So remember, always respond!

Take Things Offline When Necessary… the Right Way!

When customers leave negative reviews, there are a few steps to handling the situation. First, take note of what their experience was, and identify the issue. Second, be sure to respond. It’s important that the buyer knows you will not only listen to their problem, but you will resolve the issue. Last but not least, do not attempt to solve the problem publicly. Acknowledgement of the conversation on the platform is a start, but then try to take it offline. Otherwise, others will be encouraged to jump on and prolong the negative conversation.

With these tips, you can be confident in your business’ social media presence, providing both a unique user experience, and building the trust that current and potential homeowners are looking for.

If you’d like help putting these practices into place or furthering your social media strategy, contact Group Two today!


By Kendall Rossi  – Assistant Account Manager
and Vicky Bak  – Account Coordinator

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