Decorating Your Model Homes for the Holidays

Model Home Holidays
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From homeowners and communities to shop owners and townships, everyone loves to decorate for the holidays. It gets people excited, puts people in the cheerful holiday spirit, and makes the simplest things look beautiful. Your model homes should not be any different!

Sales Agents are instructed to treat their models as if they are their own homes. That means focusing on every detail. Is the trashcan overflowing? Are there weeds as people enter? Is the front door sticking?

Since details are important throughout the year, festive décor is something homebuyers will notice and appreciate! Potential homeowners don’t want to feel like they are walking into a sales center or a sales environment all the time. Put them at ease and make them feel comfortable in the model homes. This is the perfect opportunity to tap into powerful sentiments that the holidays bring to a home.

How can you connect with the buyer, create warmth and excitement, and evoke a positive holiday feel? Below are some tips on how to decorate and stage your model home for the holidays:

  • Sounds of the Holiday. Nobody likes complete silence. Add some holiday music in the background. Something light and soothing that’s uplifting but makes everyone feel comfortable.
  • Scents of the Season. Have a mild air freshener or candles throughout the home. Something festive that isn’t too overpowering is the perfect way to create the illusion of a home that’s actually lived in. Try gingerbread, hot chocolate or fresh pine.
  • Sweet Treats. You can also have the real thing by baking some cookies or having holiday treats in the your sales office. In addition to the wonderful aromas, snacks give buyers one more reason to hang out a little longer in your homes.
  • Festive Accents. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Add festive or seasonal dishtowels, platters, or place settings. Help buyers imagine hosting family and friends for holiday dinners and parties.
  • Poinsettias. These gorgeous plants last for a while and will add a beautiful touch to the model either at the entryway or by the fireplace.
  • Other Decorative Touches. Additional ideas include garland, candles in the window, or a wreath on the door. Having décor visible to passersby could encourage them to stop and see more!

Holiday Home DecorThis extra attention to detail goes a long way with your potential homebuyers. It will create a space where they want to be, and allow them to envision many holidays in their new home. You’ll also stand out amongst other builders who didn’t do anything special for the holidays. Your buyers will notice the details, so let the decorating begin!

For more tips on how to prepare your model homes and communities for the holidays, or ways to incorporate seasonal messaging into your marketing, we’d love to chat, so contact us today!




By Alexis Udine –
Account Supervisor






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