Decade in Review

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If welcoming a new year wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also welcoming a new decade. Of course, as we bid a fond farewell to the ‘10s and welcome the ‘20s, we’re taking a look back at technology’s greatest era — and more specifically, the mobile apps that changed our lives in more ways than one. 

From Facebook to YouTube and everything in between, these apps have not only shaped how we communicate and share ideas with each other, they’ve influenced how we present our best selves to the world. When it comes to home builder marketing, these apps have changed the game entirely. Take a look with us:


With nearly 2.5 billion active users, Facebook reigns as the world’s leading social platform, and has given marketers incredible opportunities to reach desired audiences and leverage business goals since its release in 2010. If you work with the 55+ market, you’re in luck — this demographic is among the most active on Facebook, which means both organic and paid posts (from polls to ads to #FeaturedCommunity) resonate well.


If you’ve been tempted to take a photo of the brunch you’ve just been served, you’ve most definitely been influenced by Instagram. This picture-sharing app allows you to “highlight” your experiences in their best light and take control over your personal aesthetic. Perfect to showcase the most beautiful parts of homes, Instagram is the ideal place for you to show buyers that what you have in store for them is truly special.


A rapid-fire social media platform where you can read the president’s latest thoughts and your favorite comedian’s response in the same minute, Twitter has truly changed the way you digest information and commentary. Although Twitter allows for quick and easy communication, we’ve found that it doesn’t leverage builder marketing quite like the other platforms do. In 2020, consider taking Twitter out of your social plan!

Google/Apple Maps

The days of paper maps are long (and we mean long) gone. Whether you’re walking to meet friends at a new restaurant or driving across states lines, these tools have revolutionized the way you travel. But what’s most interesting is that these tools allow your buyers to make smarter decisions by letting them “explore” neighborhoods from the convenience of, well… wherever they’re using a smartphone or a computer.

Google Assistant/Siri/Alexa

“Hey Google, can you dim the lights?” With smart home assistants, you can control several elements of your home with just your voice. From playing your favorite shows to finding that new recipe you’ve been looking for, these smart home features make daily tasks easier and more enjoyable than ever. This means that buyers are now looking for (and expecting) living spaces that are ready for smart home features. Are your homes ready?

Netflix/Amazon/Uber Eats

With services that deliver the food, entertainment, and items you want (in many cases, almost instantly), it’s easy to leave your home less and use convenience apps more. This means that now more than ever, homeowners are looking for quality, style, and comfort in their homes, so that they can save their energy and money for what can’t be done with a simple swipe.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show… thanks to YouTube, consuming video will never be the same. Not to mention, YouTube has allowed self-starters to build careers from the ground-up with nothing but a camera and something to say. If that’s not inspiration to put your homes out there, we don’t know what is. From home tours to employee spotlights, YouTube brings your unique brand to the forefront of buyers’ laptops and minds.

With the world’s most life-changing apps continuing to evolve every day, you have more opportunities than ever to enhance your new home marketing in the upcoming year. Now that 2020 is inching closer, think about the goals you’re ready to hit — Group Two will help you get there.

Group Two is the only full-service marketing agency that specializes in all areas of home builder marketing, including strategic planning, brand development, paid search, search engine optimization, and social media content strategy. With over 50 years of industry experience under our (tool) belt, we’re ready to help you tackle your unique marketing challenges and exceed all of your goals. 

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