Creative Marketing Strategy for Home Builders

Hi, builders! Thank you for joining our creative strategy check-in — we’re always excited to talk shop. Simply put, your creative strategy informs the way you communicate and interact with potential buyers, both online and in person. (Which means, of course, it’s one of the most integral components of your business.)

What is Creative Strategy in Marketing?

In order to foster an effective creative strategy that aligns with your values, creates a memorable and enjoyable buyer experience, and expresses your unique brand personality, you should ask yourself a few key questions. Our creative team broke down the essentials for you:

Creative Marketing Strategy Ideas

  1. What differentiates you from your competition?

Identifying the clear-cut ways in which you stand out will ultimately empower you to highlight your strengths when communicating with potential buyers, both online and in person.

  1. How do you want to make your buyers feel?

It goes without saying that buying a new home is an emotional experience. Knowing how you want your buyers to feel during this journey should inspire your tone of voice, whether you’re writing a social media post or speaking to a potential buyer at an open house.

  1. How would you describe your brand personality?

Your company has a personality! Tip: pick a celebrity that represents your company best, and think of your brand as that person. How do they dress? How do they speak? Are they outgoing and funny? Calm and gentle? The better you understand your personality, the more consistent your marketing will be — and the more consistent you are, the more your buyers will trust you.

  1. Does your brand personality influence operational procedures? (If so, how?)

It’s all about consistency. If your brand personality has a dash of southern charm — because, let’s say, the celebrity you choose is Reese Witherspoon — then your sales associates should embody that personality throughout their interactions with buyers.

  1. What brands or companies do you admire?

Think of the brands you’re loyal to or the ones you admire. What is it about them you’re drawn to? Consider how their own creative strategy contributed to your positive feelings of them. 

Moving forward, think of your creative strategy as the fuel that makes your operations go — and run successfully, with few repairs needed. When you have a calculated, clear-cut creative strategy running, you’ll find that more leads, and eventually more sales, fall into place. Ready to make it happen? Our creative marketing pros are waiting with open arms (and minds).

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